Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot-air Smitherman pollutes his way down the QEW

On July 21, 2010, the St.Catharines Standard reported (in "Smitherman calls Niagara ads 'immature'") on George Smitherman, McGuinty's disastrous Liberal former health care minister, whining about some ads that Niagara Parks put out encouraging Torontonians to get away from the city. A huffy, overly sanctimonious Smitty got his panties in a big twist over these ads, which weren't a big deal to anyone except, apparently, to ole Diaper-man himself.

It was a non-story, as truly about nothing as one could get.

No one could give a rat's ass about the ads, which (hahahaha) so-infuriated Furious George!

But wait: showboat Smitherman, all full of piss and vinegar - as well as good ole Liberal manufactured smug faux-outrage - then decided to drive down the QEW from Toronto to Niagara Falls to bitch about his hurt feelings, and to post a letter on the Niagara Parks Commission's office door!!

What an utter FLICKING waste of time this pompous Liberal clown is.

Guess Ole Smitherman never heard of the phone... or, um, even a fax... or yeah, um... email...

Did Liberal MPP Jim Kyodiot Bradley bother to demand to know why Smitherman didn't use the tax-payer subsidized GO train or bus to get to Niagara Falls?

How about Liberal MPP Kim Craitor - did Craitor bother to demand details from Slitherman regarding how much damage to the environment Smitherman's little car trip trip to the Falls caused?!

Did anyone ask hypocrite Mr. Green Energy Act Fiasco George - the human Lung-O-Meter - Smitherman about any of this?!

hee hee hee. Wouldn't want to make Georgie look bad, when he's so desperate for attention, would we?!

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