Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time to scrap Liberal liar McGuinty along with his deceptive 'eco-fee' tax increases

Further to this post, CTV reported on July 13, 2010 that Conservative leader Tim Hudak has said his government, if elected, would repeal the McGuinty Liberals' newest sneaky tax increase, disguised as a fake "eco-fee".
The greensheviks will be so miffed. This "eco-fee" follows on the heels of another McGuinty-implemented tax increase, the HST.
Guelph Grit hack Liz Sandals rationalized to keep McGuinty's ridiculous HST, while at the same time bashing Hudak, in the Jun.17, 2010 GuelphMercury story "Hudak slams HST again, offers no alternative"
Oh, and the GuelphMercury headline was precious! Have they ever asked for any McGuintyite, even their local hero, 'to offer alternatives'?! Now there's a Liberal Asslick Society teachable moment for you; the St.Catharines Standard should take note of the technique: ominous bias, built right into the headline, slanted just so for your 'proper' political enjoyment!
Oh - and though reporter Layson made damn sure we knew Hudak had 'no supporters on the sidewalk' (WTF?!), oddly, he didn't mention how many supporters 'were standing on the sidewalk' outside of Sandals' office!!
And, oddly, no mention by Layson of what Liz Sandals might have 'failed to mention' (!) ... wow Greg Layson... well done... (and forget about whether any GuelphMercury reporters might have ever 'failed to ask' Liberal Sandals any inconvenient questions!!)
(oh... and yes Greg, unlike with the HST, Hudak DID say that a future PC gov't WOULD scrap McGuinty's deceptively named "eco-fee" tax.)

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