Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yuck - don't step into that steamy pile of Iggy

above: St.Catharines Standard, July 12, 2010 - remember the Liberal elite laughing at Harper when he wore "western wear"? Yet, when Canada's Cowboy Count, Michael Ignatieff, dons his western apparel and pretends he's a westerner, and not an elitist west-hater, well, then, we're supposed to believe him!!

When Liberal elitist Michael Ignatieff talks about smelling sulphur in the air, what he's smelling are the putrid policies and stinking stench of his own Liberal party!

Iggy should heed the sage observation from Joe, the Pharaohs' leader in American Graffiti: "He who smelt it, dealt it."

Count Iggula smelled his own rotten and regurgitated Liberalism.

The icky smell of Iggy is that alarming odour one suddenly notices when one has inadvertantly trekked onto a pile of animal droppings on the lawn. That's what Iggy is smelling - his own dog's breakfast of Liberal policies that can easily be mistaken for dog shit; except that Iggy didn't step in this pile of Grit shit by accident: this is Ignatieff's own pile of shit.

Ignorant Iggy is now trying to track his malodorous manure into every Canadian home.

It really is time for the Liberals to wipe Iggy's stinking turd off of their shoes. Will Niagara Liberal hopeful Andrew Gill publicly ask Ignatieff to retract his crappy statements, or does he approve of them?

See Tasha Kheriddin's story "Sulphur? I just smell elitism";


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