Tuesday, July 20, 2010

McGuinty's Environment Minister John Gerretsen lies at his eco-fee press-conference

A week ago, a friend bought a typical pack of four rechargeable AA batteries from Canadian Tire.
 -The price of the batteries was $11.99.
 -Added to that was an "eco fee" of 37 cents.
 -The subtotal was $12.36.
 -Then, the 13% HST was added (which was $1.61) bringing the total cost for this 4-pack of rechargeable AA batteries to $13.97.

Now that Liberal goof John Gerretsen temporarily rescinded his eco-tax/fee, we can get our money back from the retailers (at least, from those retailers who had shown the eco-fee as a separate charge on their receipts).

Having provided the clerk at Canadian Tire's refund desk with the original receipt, the retailer refunded the eco-tax without question.

What they did first, was to refund the entire original bill; so, they gave back the $13.97 .

Then, they wrote up a new bill based on the same original price of the batteries ($11.99), then added the 13% HST ($1.56 this time), with the total cost of the batteries now being $13.55 .

So: the difference in total cost to the consumer, on a simple 4-pack of AA batteries, due to McGuinty's eco-fee, was 42 cents. (ie $13.97 originally with eco-fee vs. $13.55 without eco-fee)

As we've seen, though, the actual "eco-fee" originally charged by Canadian Tire was shown to be 37 cents [a ridiculous 9.2 cents per battery, btw] yet the total price differential between the two bills was 42 cents - which is a difference of 5 cents. So why is there a 5 cent difference??

Well, because this 5 cents is THE EXTRA SNEAK-TAX which McGuinty's Liberal scumbags foisted onto Ontario, under cover of the HST; in other words, McGuinty's "eco-fee" was applied to your bill BEFORE the 13% HST was applied - so, McGuinty's Liberals were planning to not only collect their "eco-fee", but were planning to charge a 13% HST on top of the eco-fee as well!!

Read that again, if you don't yet understand the inherent smarminess and duplicity of Dalton McGuinty's Lying Liberal regime.

This is the sneaky deception that Dalton McGuinty and his stalwart Liberal scumbags, such as MPP Jim Bradley, were hoping to pull off: charging a 13% HST tax on top of their eco-fee.

So: when Liberal Environment Minister John Gerretsen tries to tell us - as he did in his eco-fee-postponement press-conference on Jul.20, 2010 - that his Liberal government 'did not get one penny' from the eco-tax, and that 'it all went to the Stewardship council', then Liberal John Gerretsen is lying.

Gerretsen's Liberal government WAS earning HST revenue on every "eco-tax" penny!!!

John Gerretsen LIED at his own press-conference - and not one reporter asked him to clarify his claims.

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