Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eco-tax fiasco!? Liberal Jim Bradley just phones in his excuse!

Alert: the St.Catharines Standard printed a RESPONSE FROM LIBERAL MPP JIM BRADLEY!!!

YES - it has happened: our prayers have been answered, and the great reporters and editors of the esteemed St.Catharines Standard are finally persisting and demanding detailed answers from their local Liberal strongman, Jim Bradley.

The St.Catharines Standard is finally holding Jim Bradley to a higher standard, and not to the lower sub-Standard that was the usual 'Handle-Jim-With-Kid-Gloves' approach, the status-quo procedure when dealing with Bradley around here for decades...

Finally, now, the St.Catharines Standard is gettin' tough with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley... (ohh HA HA ha ha ha ha ha... but it's not what you think...)

Get this, in all seriousness: the St.Catharines Standard - regarding the whole eco-fee disaster, where secretive Jim Bradley wasn't heard from whatsoever - allowed Bradley TO PHONE IN HIS COMMENTS in a July 21, 2010 story by Don Fraser, "Hudak expects return of eco-fees"!!

Can you BELIEVE IT?!

Is this the best that the Standard's reporters can do - GIVE READERS A PHONE-MESSAGE FROM HIS ROYAL HINDNESS BRADLEY?!

What a lame excuse for a report - NOT EVEN A REAL INTERVIEW, with real questions!!
All we get from the Jim Bradley Asslick Fan Club is a boilerplate phone message from King Bradley, that could have just as easily been issued by a robot!

..."In a phone message Tuesday, St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley said the eco-fees aren't actually a provincial government tax.

It's rather a charge from businesses and industry under the umbrella of Stewardship Ontario.

"The minister of the environment is dissatisfied by the way it has been implemented," Bradley added.

"And we're removing all the fees announced July 1 and saying let's go back to the drawing board ... and determine (how) to pay for a way to divert wastes."

Bradley said money for the diversion will either come from general taxes, or through specific fees assumed by business or industry.

In an interview, Hudak responded to Bradley's comments.

"There is only one taxpayer," Hudak said. "And this is yet again another attack on the pocketbooks of Ontario families that will not be helping the environment.""

Is the St.Catharines Standard on Jim Bradley's Liberal payroll?! Wow...

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R.Bobak said...

Turns out that Don Fraser (in an article he wrote in the Oct.17, 2012 St.Catharines Standard) likes Liberals because Dalton McGuinty (seriously) taught him how to water ski...
... so, that explains everything, eh... can't criticize Liberals, must protect Liberals, must not mention Liberals if inconvenient to Liberals...