Thursday, July 8, 2010

HST... eco-fees... secrets, spin, and lies: welcome to Dalton's World of Duplicity

Ah - now the sheeple of Liberal-lovin' Ontario are suddenly surprised by McGuinty's so-called eco-taxes [yeah, yeah yeah - ooops, these are "fees", not "taxes" - here we go again...]
The laughable Green Teamsters, over at the St.Catharines Standard (pardon, the Liberal Jim Bradley Fan Club) ran their local eco-paganda piece on July 5, 2010 ("Recycling gets a new cousin: Orange Drop") - with no mention at all about Liberal tax-rapist Jim Bradley's role in this additional post-HST round of tax assaults on the Ontario consumer.
Jim Bradley and his gang of Liberal tax-rapists have violated Ontarians repeatedly, but, reading the latest VanDongenism in the Standard, you'd think Jim Bradley had nothing at all to do with any of this!!
If anyone, why, it's the Stewardship council's fault, right!? (they weren't co-opted, eh?!)
Jim Richards interviewed McGuinty's Liberal environment minister John Gerretsen this afternoon (on CFRB, Jul.8, 2010) about these new "eco-tax fees", and Gerretsen sounded like an absolute incompetent nutbag in attempting to spin out his convoluted explanation.


Coz said...

Love the fact you call them liberal tax-rapists. That's a little harsh but certainly true of 99% of them.

R.Bobak said...

McGuinty and his lying Liberal gang - Duncan, Craitor, Bradley, Sandals, Matthews, Duguid, etc. - have had their way with Ontario's tax-payers for far too long, not caring one whit when we say 'NO MORE - stop assaulting us with your taxes'.