Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jimmy'N'Kimmy Show!!!

Further to my post here, Bill Cochrane writes in "Just to be clear..." (St.Catharines Standard, July 13, 2010):

  "Re:Put the HST blame where it belongs (July 6).
  Just to be sure that I do not mix up my Jim Bradleys, is letter writer John Currey talking about the Jim Bradley who is an associate of Kim Craitor of Niagara Falls, who commute to Toronto to engage in "meaningful discussion and debate" in the big house at Queens's Park?
  The Bradley and Craitor who followed the lead of Dalton McGuinty and provided Ontario with a no-tax-increase election promise yet introduced the health-care premium, doubled the price of most lottery tickets, increased licensing fees, created an eco-tax many people don't realize they pay until they see the bill, put a disposal tax on all electronics and back on tires, passed the HST (the largest tax on the province ever, followed closely by the health-care premium), introduced us to SMART meters and gave us the eHealth scandal with $1.2 billion wasted?
  Are they the ones who closed emergency rooms in Port Colborne and Fort Erie because there is not enough money, yet awarded a hospital in Toronto $3 million -- in the riding where there just happened to be a byelection to replace George Smitherman (who I believe was an associate of Bradley and Craitor)?
  Is it the same Bradley and Craitor who have taken the richest, most prosperous province in Canada down to one of the poorest, but they awarded McGuinty a nice little salary increase of $40,000 a year and voted for all MPPs to get a 14% increase?
  Is this the Jim Bradley Currey was talking about, or do I have him mixed up with someone else?"

Yeah, of course: that's them - that's the same James J. Bradley, the secretive Liberal MPP from St.Catharines, and his leftier foil Kim Craitor, Liberal MPP from Niagara Falls, stars of the Gritty Jimmy'N'Kimmy Show.

And don't forget Jimmy'N'Kimmy's and Clean-Air McGuinty's Liberal lies about "closing all the coal power plants down by 2007"...

And don't forget Jimmy'N'Kimmy's disgusting health care monopolism ...

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