Monday, July 12, 2010

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley sticks it to Ontarians

Can the St.Catharines Standard's Green Teamsters write an apologist piece praising Jim Bradley's eco-tax?
Yes They Can!
Their July 12, 2010 greenpaganda does a great job of pretending that Jim Bradley, the Liberal liar from St.Catharines, had nothin' whatsoever to do with this new tax - why, the green propagandists wouldn't even dare call this wonderful tax, a tax. Nope - to them and Jim it's a "fee", magically imposed by these Stewardship folks.
Jimmy had nothin' to do with it! Why ask Jimmy to explain anything?!
Of course the Green Teamsters would want us to believe that all was wonderful with Jimmy's New Tax, because, well... it has the word "eco" in it, and "fee" - so it must be Good!! Isn't this what the greenies wanted all along - higher prices, less consumption?
"People can complain about the extra costs of moving forward with this initiative, or instead focus on whether we can afford not to" is Julie Greco's supportive, non-analytical, biased, rationalization, of Liberal Jim Bradley's secretive GreenFear tax-increase - in other words:, go FLICK yourselves, folks - we love Jimmy and we love what Jimmy's doin'!! Jimmy's 'movin' forward'... but, oh yeah... we can't mention Jimmy.
Jimmy's Liberal eco-tax (disguised as an 'eco- fee') was covered in Rex Murphy's July 11, 2010 National Post column "Dalton McGuinty, begin thine eco-incantations".
Murphy calls out the hypocrisy and the propaganda associated with the purveyors of "green" and "eco" - an observation that not only applies to McGuinty, but to his loyal bootlicks throughout Ontario, doing their best to support the Liberal cause in whatever way they can.
Interesting how no-one at the St.Catharines Standard's Jim Bradley Brown-Noser Society has yet bothered asking Jim Bradley to cite and explain exactly which "scientific sources" he had based his global-warming hysteria upon.
Back in the early 2000's, Jim Bradley kept on shrieking at every opportunity about global warming and Kyoto - he even got kicked out of the House at Queen's Park on this issue.
Yet, Jim Bradley has still not revealed (and, naturally, no one at his media fan club has ever bothered to ask..!) what Bradley's specific sources, which supposedly 'proved global warming', actually were!!
As Terence Corcoran wrote re the IPCC and Climategate in "Climate science's watery reprieve":

""Emails," said the review, "are rarely definitive evidence of what actually happened."
True, in one sense, but tell that to Wall Street bankers who have gone to criminal trial on the basis of a few lines of email."

In public office, Ontario Liberal GreenFear-mongering MPP Jim Bradley peddled his similar kind of global-warming (now morphed to climate-change) deceptive hysteria FOR YEARS... and yet, Bradley has never provided us with his sources! And: who in the media has ever asked Bradley about this?!?
Just because Jim Bradley said so, it must have been true (!), so, Bradley's Asslick Fan Club couldn't be bothered to examine Bradley's bullshit; they were busy helping Jim demonize Harris and Eves, after all. Isn't that what loyal fifth-columnists do, in-between elections?!
Why would Jim Bradley's Brown Noser Cheerleading Society bother to analyze or question Jim Bradley's Liberal climate assumptions, his hyperbole, his GreenFear TM-mongering, and his politically-motivated deceptions?
Bradley proudly peddled his smug brand of climate GreenFearTM without question from a largely supportive and biased media. Upon what sources was Bradley's enviro-fear based? Well, amazingly: no-one really asked!!!
Most likely, Jim Bradley was enamoured with the Michael Mann hockey stick graph, which to a hockey fan such as Good Ole Jim, was probably enough to convince him that the world was going to end unless Dalton McGuinty won the election.
Peter Foster in "Checking the hockey team" (National Post, Jul.10, 2010) writes of Andrew W. Montford's book "The hockey stick illusion; Climategate and the corruption of science" ...[btw - I wonder how many copies of this book the St.Catharines Library will carry?! That certainly would be a real Inconvenient Truth to know, wouldn't it?!! Will the Green Team ask?! Hahaha... what "team" are they on?!...] Foster notes that the scandal imbued around Mann's man-made graph was not that it was central to proving man-made "global warming", but that the IPCC promoted it as if it were.
And many gullible greenshevist power-seeking statists believed this fraudulent, orchestrated deception.
St.Catharines, Ont. Liberal MPP Jim Kyodiot Bradley, one of Canada's most prominent climate change fearmongers, was among the earlier ones, before Al Gore's inconveniently-revealed bag of lies came along. This pseudo-science fit their political views like a glove, justifying their innate green bolshevism, and encouraging their greenshevik policy implementations, largely based on hysteria-fuelled GreenFear TM.
Let's hear Jim Bradley's views on Montford's book!! NO-ONE WILL ASK!!!
Let's hear what (phony) "scientific evidence" Good Ole Jim Bradley had back in 2002 which "proved" global-warming!
Let's hear your answer, Jim!!
Let's hear Jim Bradley's Asslick Society Friends ask the question of their dear secretive leader!
Let's examine Jim Bradley's record of political enviro-fraud, of which the deceptively-named 'eco-fee' is but one incantation.
 (...with 'cap and trade' being another scam...)

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