Friday, December 4, 2009

Bradleygate: Kyoto-pushin' Liberal won't reveal his "scientific" AGW source

above: click photos to enlarge; an ad in Niagara This Week, Dec.3, 2009, "Global Warming - A Lie; Global Cooling - Absolutely".


Hats off to Tim Ball (see here) and Steve McIntyre (here; here)?


Now: will we ever actually see a story (instead of a paid ad) in Niagara This Week on the global warming fraud?

Will NTW ever publish a series of investigative articles examining the Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud, as it appeared and spread in its various despotic disguises in Niagara politics?

Will Niagara This Week, or the St.Catharines Standard, ever bother to examine the diseased AGW paranoia as it became manifest in our local politician's rhetoric and beliefs?

How many bullshit-laden global-warming fear-mongering stories did these two Niagara papers dump onto their readers over the years? By looking at the article below, the Standard still can't help itself:
above: with Seth Borenstein's Dec.4, 2009 pre-Copenhaganist column, the St.Catharines Standard was trying its best to propagate the fraudulent global warming hysteria which was brought to Niagara years ago by Liberal MPP Jim Bradley. Why is the Standard even bothering to parrot - without challenge - climate-change-hypocrite (and cited source of Liberal climate fear, here) Rajendra Pachauri's crap??

Secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (see here; here) still hides and refuses to publicly provide specific details on which "science" he was basing his Liberal Kyoto-propagandizing since the 1990's! Good Ole Jimmy was oh-so-smug about his global-warming biases that back in 2002 he actually disparaged those who questioned AGW theories as "rogue scientists" (see Brock Press, Nov.19, 2002,  here). Yet today, we see that Jimmy's own politics were deceptive, skewed, and fraudulent.

Why isn't the local press asking former Liberal environment minister Jim Bradley about the basis of his global-warming-fantasies?!

Which un-named "rogue scientists" was Jim Bradley citing in 2002, who (in Bradley's mind) were "rogue", and therefore (in Bradley's mind) wrong?

Since Bradley was so damn sure back then that certain scientists he dismissed as "rogue" were wrong, then why is Bradley still hiding HIS "scientific" sources, which at the time convinced Bradley that his environmental-fear-mongering personal biases were 'scientifically' correct??!!

Where's the examination - in light of ClimateGate - by the local press, into the climate change propaganda and fraud spewed over the years by the likes of Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor, or Stephane Bumbledore Dion, or St.Catharines mayor Brian McMullan?

We're still waiting for a proper examination of the issues from the local press!

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