Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jim Bradley's secret climate-change recipe

Further on the global warming subject in this post earlier, is Lorne Gunter's great column here "Cooking the Climate Books" (National Post, Nov.25, 2009)

Dalton McGuinty's Liberals, such as Jim Bradley, propagated the AGW global warming hoax. Many local Niagara politicians, even the mayor of St.Catharines, Brian McMullan, were poisoned by the AGW/climate change hoax, and willingly continued to spread their alarmist beliefs - their GreenFear - through green-infected policies. This Al Gore/David Suzuki abetted idiocy culminated on a national level into a fever pitch with federal Liberal Stephane Bumbledore Dion's Gorzukion Green Shift flameout.

To this day, Niagara's local kyodiot - St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - hasn't revealed specifically which "scientific" evidence he relied upon to badger Ontario into supporting Kyoto!!

And, a secretive Bradley has never specifically named the scientists whom he dismissively accused in 2002 of being "rogue" and apparently, also as being 'funded by the oil industry'!
The link was here, since removed by the Brock University Press.
The Jim Bradley climate-change propaganda story, written by Susan Kirwin, was titled "Kyoto Protocol will succeed", and appeared in the Brock Press, St.Catharines, Ontario, Nov.19, 2002) Nobody in the media has ever challenged Ontario's two-time Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley about his global-warming lies.

At the same time, Jim Bradley has never revealed who funded those mysterious 'scientists' who convinced Bradley himself that statist political 'solutions' would 'solve' global-warming!!!!

One of Ontario's top climate-change cooks is keeping that part of his recipe secret.

(... Add one part hoax, to two parts smugness, mix in a previous blend of statistical lies and omissions with a dash of deception; blend furiously while quickly adding heaps of indignant outrage, spin entire mixture with your own political blend of spicy GreenFear mongering and coercive authoritarianism... don't forget to add  heaping helpins' of taxpayer cash, as well - and voila: your expensive Liberal Kyodiot cupcakes are ready to infect the masses...)

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