Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Forget about any global warming facts

Further to my previous post, let's look at the St.Catharines Standard's Nov.25, 2009 story, above, by Sun Media's Jim Peat "Hacked e-mails in Britain 'much ado about nothing': prof".
Well, speaking of nothing - nothing in this story, or in the Standard's previous editions, gives proper context to the issue or actually shows what the emails said, or, why some would bother to think that they are a big deal, and why others would pretend that they are about nothing.
Even the tag line at the very top is misleading and calculatedly phony: WHAT "CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE" is the Standard talking about?! This is a report of climate change propaganda, not debate!
The spin of the story is TO DENY FACTS; TO SMOTHER DEBATE; TO SUPPRESS AND DENIGRATE SKEPTICS! How dare anyone question the basis of socialist political climate pseudo-science? If you only read the St.Catharines Standard, then all you'll take from the article is what they'd like to spin you with: hey.... don't worry... nothing to look at 'ere, folks - just the, ahem... facts... move along, now!!!

You'll take from the article that global warming is 'all settled'. You'll believe - without proof - that global warming is caused by humans - just because we (the St.Catharines Standard and the Ontario Liberal Party) reported it is so!

And if we say it's true often enough, then, well... it must BE true!

Ah, the beautifully crafted lack of environmental context in the St.Catharines Standard is breathtaking! No Green Team investigation here, no splainin' to... um... that average Joe Niagara what the factual context is, no sireee!

"There's no real denying that humans are behind climate change" the Standard reports some Uof T hack spouting - without actually presenting all the facts! Facts - who needs those when we've got Al Gore and Stephane Dion and David Suzuki handling the "truth" front?
Peat reports U of T prof Douglas MacDonald saying that "climate change policy now isn't really hinging on the science and whether or not this is actually being caused by human beings."
Well isn't THAT good to know: who gives a f*ck about the facts?
Hysterical Liberal climate change fearmongering shouldn't be based on facts - right Jim Bradley? It should be used as the basis for alarm, false deadlines, and political rhetoric; it should be used as the basis for idiotic socialist political policy implementations!!
To that end, the prof then says climate change policy now hinges on "who bears what portion of the total cost".
Voila - the circle of idiocy is complete: We'll force you to pay for a "problem" we can't prove exists, but that you caused!
It's f#cking PERFECT.
MacDonald dismisses that the climate change debate (which is, after all, what the Standard pretended that this story was about, at the heading: "debate" !!) was based on misleading, even falsified, information/speculation from the AGW propagandists. He doesn't wanna talk about that. Astounding that the good ole perfessor is so dismissive regarding theoretical AGW that all he can do is say "We're past all that"!!
What??! So 'It's settled' - that's what you'd like us to believe?!
So we're past asking Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (Ontario's Grit Grandpappy of GreenFear) where he obtained his global warming data, with which he propagandized Ontarians?!
We're just to supposed to forget the AGW-pushers' deceptions?!

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