Thursday, November 19, 2009

Uncle Dalton knows what's good fer ya

So Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Liberals are even refusing to hold public hearings into their HST tax increase: Quelle Surprise!

"You just have trust us, little children... Uncle Dalton knows what's best for you. Now go to your room and stop asking questions."

What did Ontario's sheeple expect from these secretive, smug spendaholic Grits?!

This is the same Ontario Liberal government which DIDN'T BOTHER to investigate when 500 patients were killed by c. dif in McGuinty's state-monopoly-run hospitals, as was revealed (see here) in 2008!

This is the same Liberal government which DIDN'T BOTHER to investigate why the St. Catharines hospital in the Liberal-run Niagara Health System monopoly was found in 2007 to have the third-highest patient-death rate in Canada, see here.

The local secretive MPP, Liberal Jim Bradley, shamefully, since 2007, has never bothered to publicly address this issue!

McGuinty's Liberals made sure there were no investigations into their health monopoly - and that's when patients were dying; refusing now to call public hearings into their new tax grab is just predictable.

It - again - just shows how arrogant and unaccountable this Liberal gang of scumbags has become.

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