Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prince Charles upchucks his enviro greenshevism in Canada

The St.Catharines Standard (Nov.3, 2009) published a cute partisan Canadian Press feed titled "Charles calls for climate change leadership", where Prince Charles spouts the usual about protecting the children and the planet; the CP report eagerly (blatantly!) then ties this to Harper, yet ignores mentioning the Chretien-Martin Liberals' thirteen-year failure to do anything on their own Kyoto promises!

Heehee - CP - they're the best, eh?!

Meanwhile, Chuckie and the Bride of Chuckie didn't row or take an eco-friendly sail boat to the colony, did they? No, the Chuckster flew and polluted his way across the Atlantic in order to lecture us plebes on his soft enviro-socialism. Did the CP story question the carbon footprint of the CamillaChuck 09 Canada Tour?! (umm... no they didn't....!)

Stuff it, Chuck. Why don't you practice what you preach: stay home and save the planet.

Maybe the stuffy Prince of Wails can read (and respond!) to Ross McKitrick's Nov.2, 2009 National Post column, see here.

C'mon Chuck: while you're in Canada, enlighten and entertain us plebes with your great environmental knowledge - talk to us about the enviro-shakedown at the IPCC! Give us your take on the joke Jacard study! Tell us why your own U.K. Climatic Research Unit happened to conveniently "lose" all its pre-1980 raw temperature data?!

Yeah, Chuck - we do need leadership - but not the kind of greenshevism you hint at.

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