Monday, November 9, 2009

Smitherman claims he had nothing to do with eHealth scandal

George Smitherman was on CFRB radio on Nov.9, 2009, in the morning, interviewed by Ryan Doyle/Tarek Fatah. When asked about the eHealth scandal, Slitherman downplayed his role, and then countered by questioning whether it even was a scandal!
Smitherman essentially dumped the eHealth blame onto David Caplan, by stating that when he left, eHealth "had no employees": so how could he be to blame for anything?!
Precious. Find the link to this interview.
When asked about his platform priorites, Smitherman glossed on that one too: astoundingly telling us that the issues aren't important, it's who is going to carry them out. Wanker.
Slitherman also claimed he's some kind of "transformational" leader: well, duh... as a duplicitous McGuinty Liberal, he transformed/spun/propagandized on daily basis. He's a natural bullshitter.
Slitherman was a disaster as health minister.
This rat is jumping from the sinking SS McGuinty, yet he's still planning to collect his MPP salary for five more months; while "unofficially" wink wink campaigning for mayor of Toronto.
The turd should resign as MPP immediately if he wants to focus on his mayoral aspirations, and not on his real job.
McGuinty, for his part, was just recently telling everyone that Smitherman's staying on with the government; well, there's another McGuinty "transformational" lie for you to remember.

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