Thursday, November 19, 2009

How dare anyone call Dalton a Cowardly Liar?

On Nov.19, 2009, three Conservatives were asked to leave the Ontario Legislature for unparliamentary behaviour, after raising a ruckus over Dalton McGuinty's plan to ram another tax-grab onto Ontario, the HST, and over McGuinty's smug refusal to even hold public hearings on the tax.

The Sarnia Observer (Nov.19, 2009) reported:

"Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey was on the train home early today.

A week of sparring with the Liberals over plans to force the HST through Queen's Park ended with Bailey getting removed from the Legislature after he called Premier Dalton McGuinty a "cowardly liar."

"While I respect the traditions of the Legislature, and I don't take my statement today lightly, I feel strongly that the people need to be consulted on this $3 billion tax grab," Bailey said in a Nov. 19 news release. "This is too important an issue for the government to ram through the legislature."

Before earning himself a one-day suspension, Bailey was calling for the McGuinty government to take plans for the HST on the road to hear what average Ontarians think.

"I took the drastic step of being kicked out to make my point that the people need to be heard on the issue", said Bailey. "I have heard citizens in my riding loud and clear and what they think of the HST. I strongly believe that members of the Government need to take the tax bill out of Toronto and give Ontarians a chance to comment."

Thursday's incident marked the first time Bailey has been suspended."

Well, McGuinty is a cowardly liar for refusing/hiding from public hearings on such a major tax policy shift.

McGuinty and his Liberal MPP's have quite boldly; brazenly; openly LIED on numerous issues since 2003!

It's about time this fact was openly stated at Queen's Park.

It's McGuinty and his bankrupt Liberals who smugly posses a preposterous deficit of truth.

I'm reminded of the time in 2002 when St.Catharines Liberal Kyoto-pusher MPP Jim Bradley was kicked out of the Ontario Legislature (see here) for demanding 'secret documents' be revealed by the then-sitting Conservatives which would somehow prove, according to Jimmy, that the costs of implementing Kyoto will not be bad! [Hahaha].

Bradley at the time boldly blustered and puffed - with all his Liberal haughtiness - about how Premier Eves had "to open the doors and windows and let the sunshine in."

Yet, is MPP Bradley today calling to "let the sunshine in" on the failed policies of Ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty? Are McGuinty's now-governing Liberals, who for six years have fibbed like Pinocchio, "telling the whole story" about the HST? Why, Good Ole Jimmy Bradley is strangely QUIET on that now!!

What documents have McGuinty's Grits hidden, concealing the HST's 'revenue-neutral' deception??

Is the HST the be-all-and-end-all, sole economic-renewal policy for the bankrupt Liberals, who have 'led' Ontario into becoming a 'have-not' province?

What (if any!) other policy initiatives is McGuinty proposing, which in tandem with his HST plan, could help Ontario regain its economic status?

McGuinty has said nothing at all about his OWN LIBERAL government's bloated inefficiencies and out-of-control spending!!!!

McGuinty and Dwight Duncan portray this new HST as their sole card which will lead the way to future Ontario prosperity, neglecting to examine all the other Liberal ideology which has led Ontario to where it now is.

If the impact of the HST is not 'going to be as dire as the opposition has suggested', then McGuinty should have all the confidence of delivering his case in a public hearing forum.

So why - and what - is a secretive Dalton McGuinty hiding??

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