Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dalton's 'Timmy's-exemption' HST deception

So Ontaro Premier Dalton McSlippery and his Liberal finance minister, Duncan Donuts have... um... "given" us the so-called Tim Hortons exemption to their propsed 13% HST, the Harmonized Sales Tax.
The Liberals now claim (oh, they are soooo generous, these Grits) that this "exemption" which they are so kindly allowing will "cost" the Ontario treasury 325 million dollars.
But - there is no "cost" to anyone because (at least for now) there is no tax on that type of purchase anyhow!
It's just a theoretical Liberal deception.
If the HST is supposed to be, as the Liberals have claimed, "revenue neutral", then how is it that this Timmy's-exemption has already been calculated as "costing" the treasury 325 million dollars?!!
Apparently: it ISN'T 'revenue neutral' !!
This is Dalton McSpendy's smarmy way of pretending that he has graciously "given" us a tax break, when in fact, it's just typical Liberal deception, offering imagery and appearance over substance.
A real tax break would be for Dalton McSpendy to CUT HIS PROVINCIAL TAX, dropping Ontario's sales tax to 5%, so that the HST would be a combined 10%, rather than 13%.

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