Tuesday, November 3, 2009

McGuinty promised that "all Ontarians" would get the H1N1 vaccine during November

Jim Richards interviewed Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan (CFRB, Nov.3, 2009) regarding H1N1; when Duncan began spouting the old Liberal partisan lines, Richards had had enough, and bid her adieu. Richards had earlier asked where the responsibility was regarding the provinces, and the municipalities roles in rolling out the H1N1 response: Liberal MP Duncan evaded the question.

It wouldn't be proper cricket, y'see, to respond on Dalton McGuinty's handling of the 'swine flu': he's a Liberal, after all, and therefore, cannot be questioned!!

Liberals can always find time to blame Harper - yet neither Iggy, nor Kirsty, nor Carolyn Body-Bag-Buffoon Bennett, nor Dalton's brother David McGuinty, can find anything wrong with Ontario's Matthews-McGuinty H1N1 response!!!!

Below is the McGuinty Liberal government's promised plan, mailed to what -millions - of Ontario households back in late September:

(click on photo to enlarge)

McGuinty (whose Liberal health monopoly is solely responsible for health care in Ontario; Ontarians, remember, have NO OTHER CHOICE except to wait in line for whatever health care McGuinty deems to throw them) promised that the H1N1 vaccine would be available to "All Ontarians" during "November 2009".

Yet - when you hear opportunist Iggy blathering about H1N1 (for example: see John Ivison's Nov.4, 2009 National Post column here) Iggy says nothing at all about Dalton McGuinty's broken promises, lies, and incompetence!!

A disingenuous Iggy still believes (or pretends to believe) that health care is NOT primarily a provincial responsibility!! (see Nov.3, 2009 CTV report here)

Only in Iggy's World does Harper's alleged 'failure' become McGuinty's success!!

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