Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Liberal Poop-O-Ganda

The St. Catharines Standard, Nov.7, 2009, ran Elizabeth Thompson's Sun Media story "Conservatives' frequent flyers are proving costly".

Thompson doesn't mention why Liberal MP's such as cross burner Hedy Fry send Liberal Poop-O-Grams all the way to Niagara, (see here).

Why do Liberals such as Ujjal Dosanjh (see here),

...Ken Dryden (see here),

...Sukh Dhaliwal (see here),

...and other Grits (see here; here) send their Poop-O-Grams to Niagara?!

umm... Is it because they all can - and do - just as the NDP and Conservatives do?!

Why doesn't Sun Media's Elizabeth Thompson write about Liberals sending their propaganda to other ridings across the country from their own ridings??

Aren't the Liberal 'frequent flyers' proving just as costly, Ms. Thompson?

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