Monday, April 28, 2008

Smelly Liberal Poop-O-Grams keep piling up!

Got yet another Liberal Poop-O-Gram - as Grit Garth Turner likes to call them - in the mail, this time from Sukh Dhaliwal in British Columbia! What the hell, Garth ... I guess you could get to the printer after all, eh? Look, the mail carriers don't need to carry around this Liberal crap from B.C., do they?! Nobody wants Dhaliwal's junk mail delivered here in Niagara! Bumbledore Dion should stop wasting good pulpwood that could be better used for... ohhh... toilet paper, or gerbil cage liner, or writing shifty Liberal Kyoto propaganda, or fantasy Liberal throne speeches... The last Liberal Poop-O-Gram had deceptive quotes from an official at the IPCC, no less (!); this week's Liberal Poop-O-Gram contains verbiage from the almighty Hargrove hisself: all worthy for the recycling bin.

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