Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stephane "Bumbledore" Dion's synthetic sincerity.

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Once again, Stephane "Bumbledore" Dion’s party – in typical Liberal fashion – says one thing, then does another. Their whiny, hypocritical act is getting tiresome, with all their chest-beating and wailing about this policy or that policy which they claim with synthetic sincerity that they disagree with, but then don't do anything about.

Once again, the Ottawa Liberal opposition folded like a Dion lawn-chair: this time on the immigration bill, where on Apr.9, 2008, the Grits voted in support of the immigration bill which Dion insistently claimed he was “adamantly opposed to”!! As John Ivison wrote in “The mind says no, the body says yes”, (National Post, Apr.10, 2008), the Liberals have become a political caricature which has moved beyond satire and into travesty.

Canada is indeed fortunate not to have these bumbling Grits in charge of anything. An example of wasted tree-pulp can be seen in the form of the above Liberal POOP-O-GRAM mailed in Apr. 2006 by Bill Graham.
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A particularly impressive bit of Liberal B.S. spin is this sentence: “By electing Liberals as the Official Opposition, Canadians showed they wanted us to be a strong national force to ensure that Stephen Harper’s government does not neglect the progressive priorities supported by most Canadians”!

Liberals became the opposition because they didn’t win the election! Canadians didn’t want Adscam-slimed Grits in charge of anything. And we have now seen how the 'opposition' (if you want to call them that) Liberals demonstrate their “strong national force”: they continually complain about – but then support – the government at every step! This supposedly-"strong national force" of Liberals at times doesn't even bother to show up to vote on their own bills, for fear of precipitating an election!

Liberals Will Provide Constructive Opposition”, claimed Liberal Bill Graham! So, when is that going to happen??
"We will support the government when we believe it is good for Canadians, but we will oppose when it's not. That is what you elected us to do, " claimed Graham at the end of his Liberal POOP-O-GRAM. Well, apparently -according to the Liberals themselves, then - the Harper government HAS done what is good for all Canadians, because the Liberals HAVE NOT OPPOSED anything, as they said they would!!! Was Liberal leader Bill Graham lying then when he wrote that message? Or is Liberal leader Bumbledore Dion lying now, when he says the Liberals will bide their time before they precipitate an election? Were Liberals elected to constructively oppose (Graham), or to whine and wait (Dion)?
Liberal leader Graham wrote "we were elected to provide a constructive, effective and principled opposition, not to prop up the Conservative government". Noble talk then, but today, where's Dion's action ?? Dion's so-called great Liberal principles amount to nothing more than propping up the current government! Perhaps they should remain the nominal 'opposition' indefinitely!
By all accounts, it is demonstrably Prime Minister Harper and the Conservatives who in fact are the strong national force, working - from a minority standing - in the interests of all Canadians: much more impressive then the majority fiats of King Chretien.

As Bumbledore Dion himself said to Michael {“we didn’t get it done”} Ignatieff during the Liberal leadership debate: "Do you think it’s easy to make priorities"?!

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