Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bumbledore Dion's Amazing Liberal POOP-O-GRAMS

The Amazing Bumbledore, aka Liberal leader Stephane Dion, in early March 2008 has again proven worthy of his title. The Liberal Prince of Prevarication huffs and puffs his rhetoric, but when it’s time to put up or shut up, well, as a typical Liberal, he tries to bluff his way around doing both; but obviously he doesn’t even take his own puffery seriously. He doesn’t put himself up for an election, given, as Dion claims, that the sitting government is so bad. Yet Bumbeldore continues, time after insufferable time, not to shut up about how terribly unhappy he is with the current minority, either!

Bumbledore’s train-wreck of a Liberal opposition folded on Afghanistan, after posturing mightily that they wanted the troops out. They folded on ‘Gas Tank McTeague’s’ devious little RESP bluster. Despite turning their noses up at it, Liberals didn’t even bother to challenge the government’s budget!! (The saying 'they folded like a cheap lawn chair' has been updated; the saying now is: "Folded like a Dion Liberal."

On Mar.3, 2008, only 7 Liberals showed up in the House of Commons to vote on THEIR OWN amendments to the budget! If Liberals had bothered to show up for the Mar.3 confidence vote - on the very amendments they themselves introduced – then Canada would have had an election – allowing Bumbledore and his carnival of Not Ready For Prime Time Grits the opportunity to (again) put up or shut up and prove to Canadians that they can govern.

Then, on Mar. 4, 2008, unbelievably, only 11 Liberals showed up to vote on the final confidence vote on the federal budget!

And now that Bob Rae (the NDP ghoul from Ontario’s dark, disastrous socialist past who has resurrected himself as a Liberal) is (shudder) an MP, both Bumbledore and Canadians should watch their backs, and their wallets. Beware the Ides of March.

In the Toronto Star (Mar.27, 2008) former-Conservative-converted-to-Liberal MP Garth Turner derides “Tory poop-o-grams” when referring to the so-called ‘10 per-center’ flyers that all MP’s can send to their or other ridings. The Star revels in Turner’s language.

Yet, the Grits also send their own Liberal Poop-O-Grams; I recently received another smelly missive which outlined the Liberal's supposed-concern with “manufacturing”: this time, the Liberal’s crapola didn’t even have Dion’s face on it!

Apparently, the Liberals are trying to now put out their message without reminding Canadians of who the Liberals chose as their leader! (Because he might not be there much longer?)

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Turner also whines about how he had to wait three weeks to use a Commons printer…perhaps Turner should help nationalize the printing industry in Canada, so that he can speed up the process of universal access to printing: much like his adopted Liberals did with monopoly health-care. Then, Turner can wait three months just to get an interview with a printer.

Garth doesn’t get it: Dion’s no leader. Quebec can tell him that.

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