Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No GO Transit for Niagara - again. Jim Bradley and his GO promises are MIA

I was watching Dan McLean on CH News at 6pm (Mar.25, 2008), when he interviewed Liberal Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, just after the Ontario Liberal's budget was announced. McLean specifically asked Duncan about GO Transit and whether there would be GO Train or even bus service to St. Catharines. Good ol' Dunc rubbed his nose a little bit, then spent the whole time of his answer not answering the question. Liberal Dwight Duncan did not specifically answer McLean's question. Duncan specifically avoided saying anything about GO Transit and St. Catharines. Liberal Dwight Duncan has made Liberal Transportation Minister Jim Bradley (who is from St. Catharines and who on more than one occasion promised to bring GO Trains to Niagara) in all practicality, a liar. But who cares: Jim won the election is all that matters. His lies are in hibernation, to be awakened just in time for the next election. It works like a charm.

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