Monday, March 10, 2008

Jim Bradley's faith-based two-face

Does Jim Bradley have any public comments regarding Christina Blizzard’s column “Grit’s faith-based hypocrisy” (Toronto Sun, Mar.9, 2008)?

During one of the all-candidates' debates held in St. Catharines prior to the last election, incumbent MPP Bradley insinuated that faith-based funding would “fragment” public education. He also stated that his Liberal government “would not extend funding to faith-based schools in the province of Ontario”. Wasn’t Bradley in David Peterson’s cabinet when the Eden school funding originated back in the 1980’s??

Blizzard wrote: “Minister of Transportation Jim Bradley, a Liberal who represents St. Catharines, says the reason Eden is allowed to operate as a public school is because it offers the provincial curriculum and teachers belong to the OSSTF teacher union.” This is now Bradley’s criterion? He never once mentioned this standard for faith-based schooling during the election! It was, though, the PC position all along to bring faith-based schools into the provincial curriculum with certified teachers! (By the way, Bradley - now Mr. Transit - also said: "And we will see GO Transit coming to Niagara". When will that be, Sir?)

Will Bradley now stand up in the legislature and denounce Eden school for the divisive and segregationist institution it must be (if his Liberal election rhetoric was to be believed)?

I wonder if Bradley would comment on these previous essays regarding faith-based funding and his Liberal party's two-faced posturing:

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