Friday, February 1, 2008

Segregation: The new Liberal education solution

Here’s a comment on the so-called Afro-centric [Afri-centric?] schools which are being seriously proposed to be set up in Toronto, Ontario, posted by Anonymous on Halls of Macadamia website, Jan.28, 2008:

“If segregation in Toronto is such a great idea perhaps it should be more inclusive of the principle - blacks could have separate buses, drinking fountains, washrooms and restaurants. The Toronto District School Board should study the pre-civil rights era southern US, or for a more recent example they could copy Apartheid era South Africa, there's no need for them to re-invent the wheel. South Africa probably has leftover skin colour charts so our government school board will know who can and cannot be admitted, they could probably get a deal on those.”

Is this the Neanderthal regressive throwback to the past that is now going to occur in Liberal Ontario? Premier Dalton McGuinty says he’s “uncomfortable” with this idea – yet, what are his Liberals doing to stop it?

If racially-profiled education isn't “DIVISIVE” enough for McGuinty to act on, then what is?!

Christina Blizzard wrote in "The hypoGrits are back" (Toronto Sun, Feb.1, 2008) that McGuinty "shut down debate on faith-based school funding. Now [he] has the power to shut down this race-based school." McGuinty has "a moral obligation" to do so, because "segregation in schools was not just an issue but the defining issue" of the last election.

McGuinty recently said he won’t provide funding for the initiative; that the school board will have to carve it out of their own funds. Yet, their funds are nevertheless our PUBLIC funds –and the school board always gets bailed out by the province with subsidies at year’s end.

So when the school board comes-a-callin' at the end of this or next year with a deficit, how will McGuinty refuse them? On what basis will he say ‘oh, this much of your ongoing deficit was for your segregationist, race-based schools, so we’re not paying that part?'

It’s astounding that in the last Ontario election – just over three months ago! - the McGuinty Liberals made such a righteous (yet hypocritical) issue of faith-based educational funding (which would have brought various faith groups into an Ontario-approved curriculum). The Liberals made all kinds of nasty insinuations that the policy would be divisive, regressive, segregationist.
McGuinty waxed poetic with kumbaya-homilies about how all the children should sing and laugh and learn together in public schools.

Lorrie Goldstein (Toronto Sun, Sept. 19, 2007) asked: “So why is McGuinty, educated at a publicly funded, faith-based school, smearing Tory as a segregationist and fear-mongering by implying that whatever's going on in those privately-funded Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu and other faith-based schools, it's probably not anything good? Why is this self-described champion of diversity, stooping to this?”

The Branford Expositor (Sept.11, 2007) wrote: “"It's a bad idea," McGuinty said. "We want our kids coming together in the same classroom sitting side-by-side from various faiths."”

What... except for black kids??! Isn't that also "a bad idea"?? And then what about having an Asian-based, or a Latino-centric, or a "white"-centric education system, as well. That's got to be the next step...that is , unless you want to discrimate against them! What an example of politically-correct government egalitarianism gone out of control! Mouthing platitudes of faux-equality, while pracising the exact opposite!

During an election campaign all-candidates meeting in St. Catharines (Sept.27, 2007), a member of the audience remarked to Liberal MPP incumbent Jim Bradley: “Over the years I have appreciated the fact that at the faith-based school that my children attend, you have made many laudatory comments about contributions such schools make. Now your leader says that people like us are a threat to social cohesion in Ontario, and segregationist. And I presume that would include other non-public schools like Ridley, for instance. So I would appreciate knowing whether you agree with your leader on that.”

Bradley agreed with his Liberal leader, all the while trying to appear that he didn’t agree. Who would have dreamed that three months after their faith-based hypocrisy that Bradley's Liberals would turn the other cheek when race was used to segregate Ontario’s education system - under the Liberal's watch. Does Jim Bradley agree with race-based education occurring during his Liberal government's tenure?

And let’s not forget that during the last election, just like with health care, Liberals strived to pretend there was nothing wrong within their educational system, either - a system they ran for four years. The Falconer Report’s findings didn’t magically appear in the last several weeks – all that was percolating in the educational system for years. The Liberals IGNORED it! The kids were failing in the Liberal Utopian school system, because the Liberal school system failed them. So the "new" answer; the "new" policy of "inclusiveness", under the Liberals, is educational apartheid!

And the Liberals have done nothing to stop this odious ‘progress to the past’.

So now, the Liberals acquiesce to a new divisive and regressive “solution’: plain ol’ re-packaged segregation.

As with the Liberal’s duplicity on healthcare, that this 'development’ is actually being implemented in McGuinty’s Ontario is FLICKING unbelieveable.

But hey: this must be the good kind of racial segregation: it’s Liberal!

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