Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shocking evidence of global warming in Canada! Liberals to be jailed!? Suzuki 'jumps the shark'!!

If David Suzuki could only fly around the country in his air-polluting jets just a little more, while spouting his eco-alarmist hot-air, then maybe his global-warming-warning will come through and clear the ice from this car's windshield.

A column by Terry O’Neil (“By any means necessary”, National Post, Feb.7, 2008) was headlined: “David Suzuki says he wants anti-Kyoto politicians thrown in jail. How did environmentalism become this totalitarian?”

O’Neil wrote that Suzuki “told a University of Toronto audience last month that the next federal election ought to be about the environment. No problem there. However, as reported by a student newspaper, he then opined that government leaders who aren't acting quickly enough to save the environment "should go to jail for what they're not doing right now … What our government is not doing is a criminal act."

His allegation of law-breaking was apparently no mere slip of the tongue. Speaking a few weeks later at McGill University, Suzuki again equated governments' alleged inaction on the environment with a criminal act; in fact, he is reported to have said students ought to find a legal way to throw politicians in jail for ignoring climate-change science.
The geneticist-turned-broadcaster had particularly harsh words for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Ed Stelmach of Alberta because of their alleged favouring of economic growth over environmental protection. "It is an intergenerational crime" -- there's that concept again -- "that, in the face of the work of scientists over the last 20 years, they keep dithering as they are," Suzuki declared.”

O’Neil continued:

“We should also not be surprised at the intolerance that permeates Suzuki's "lock 'em up" rhetoric. After all, despite the multicultural mantra that we "celebrate our differences," there's a disturbingly illiberal tendency these days (as shown in the recent "human-rights" prosecutions of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, for example) to censor those with whom one doesn't agree. It's only a very small step to try to throw such disagreeable persons into prison, too. Perhaps U.S. author Jonah Goldberg ought to be thinking of adding a chapter to his high-profile new book, Liberal Fascism, to explore this subject further.

Actually, Czech President Vaclav Klaus (who, coincidentally, is up for reelection tomorrow) has already done a lot of thinking in this area and has concluded that environmental zealotry poses as great a threat to human freedom as did communism. Klaus, whose book Our Planet is Blue not Green will soon be translated into English, believes that climate-change alarmists persuade governments to launch costly and unnecessary programs that have the ultimate effect of impoverishing people, thereby making them less free.

"When we look at it in a proper historical perspective, the issue is -- once again -- freedom and its enemies," Klaus wrote last year. "Those of us who feel very strongly about it can never accept the irrationality with which the current world has embraced climate change (or global warming) as a real danger to the future of mankind, as well as the irrationality of [anti-globalwarming] measures because they will fatally endanger our freedom and prosperity."

Suzuki is actually supporting a more direct attack on freedom than that which worries Klaus. Suzuki's plan would lead to a loss of freedom, not though punitive economic measures, but through the incarceration of politicians with whom he disagrees. I have a better idea: Let the court of public opinion decide this at the polls. And if Suzuki doesn't like the democratic outcome, he can always show his displeasure by giving us back his Order of Canada medal.”

Perhaps Suzuki’s been flyin’ around too much in the rarefied stratosphere not only of his jet-travels, but of his posturing dogma. According to Suzuki’s own green-shevik babble, it’s likely he too, should be locked up!

You breathe: you’re guilty.

The jack-booted eco-fascist green-shirts will be summoned to ‘escort’ you away for your crime against “intergenerational humanity”.

If all politicians should go to jail for their inaction on climate change, then Judge David Suzuki just signed the arrest warrants for Dalton McGuinty (and local MPP Jim Bradley) and every other Ontario Liberal MPP promise-breaker elected since 2003!

You can bet that Stephane Bumbledore Dion and the Liberal-dominated senate would be loathe to pass this swaggering Suzuki “crime bill”, if for no reason other than to save their own hides.

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