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Niagara Falls then and now: mists cause global warming!

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Above: Behold the smoky devastation in Niagara Falls that the American  and Bridal Veil (left) and Canada's Horseshoe Falls (right) wreak upon the environment. These Falls have laughed in the face of the Kyoto protocol for far too long, and now they must be made to pay for what they have done to the Planet. Look at all those deceptively beautiful, yet shameless, clouds of misty global-warming blatantly steaming out of the ice! Rainbows must be eliminated NOW. There is only a pot of environmental evil at their end. Rainbows represent the two greatest evils of global warming - the dastardly combination of sunlight and misty water vapour. If you see a rainbow - as you often can at Niagara Falls - RUN and hide in a dark, waterless cave, and, depending on which side of the border you're on, immediately report this sighting to Al Gore or Stephane Dion. They will ensure that those nasty rainbows get what's coming to them. A good tip: DO NOT exhale during your trip to Niagara. Human breath emissions, with all their Co2, damage The Planet... so you better stop it. The Ontario Liberal government has posted danger signs warning people - duh - not to stand on the ICE-ENCRUSTED LOW WALL BETWEEN THEM AND AN ALMOST TWO-HUNDRED-FOOT-PRECIPICE DROPPING INTO THE VAPOROUS VORTEX BELOW !!!
Yet: the Liberal government has absolutely NO SIGNS at all warning people of the dangerous vapour emissions from the morally-unacceptable global-warming mist-plume constantly surrounding Niagara Falls.
The inconvenient truth, apparently, is that when both polar ice caps melt, the resultant flood will leave Niagara Falls dried up!
[From “Jim McBee’s Mostly Exchange web blog”]

Play the video clips to see Evil Global-Warming Mists stealthily creeping over Niagara Falls on Feb.10, 2008.
Old man river, stop playing misty for me.
Your rainbow ride is over.
Peter Kuitenbrouwer wrote in “Finding faith in a storm's aftermath”, (National Post, Feb.8, 2008) of last Tuesday’s (Feb.5) snowstorm in Ontario: it was
“the most snow in one day in Toronto since 1966, Environment Canada says…

Yesterday, I took a day off from my ongoing series exploring greater Toronto's lakeshore to write about the remarkable wallop of snow we've been getting. Since November, 128.2 cm of snow has fallen at Pearson airport this winter, far higher than the average 90 cm of the past 30 years…

"We still have a few more weeks left of February and it is likely that we're going to see more snowfalls to add to this," according to Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson.

The city said it deployed 200 salt trucks, 600 snow ploughs and 300 sidewalk ploughs to clean up and make the city safe after the storm.”

We’re freezing our butts off in Niagara today, Feb.10, 2008. It was 7 F (minus 14 C) today - and that was in the daytime.

Shouldn’t someone be hauling David Suzuki off to jail for his global warming hysteria? Did Nobel Lies Winner Al Gore fly into town to help anyone scrape off and start their frozen cars, or shovel their driveways and sidewalks for the umpteenth time?

The Niagara River has its ice bridge forming below the Falls, and ice floes from the upper Niagara River are tumbling over the edge. Where’s Al Gore to witness this “climate change”? Yeah, the Gorzukion – gang (Gore, Suzuki, Stephane Dion) will pop out around March predictably screaming the ‘ice is melting’ – which, of course, it will be, (as springtime approaches) as it has for thousands of years!

KevinB posted this entry on “Small Dead Animals” (Dec.1, 2008):
“What kills me is the absolute refusal by the AGW [anthropogenic global warming] crowd to do even the most basic research. For example, Honda has ads promoting their fuel cell car, saying that it only emits water vapour. It takes about five minutes on Google to find out that of all the supposed "green house gases", water vapour is by far the biggest culprit. Not only is there more of it in the atmosphere than CO2, it traps radiant energy at more points in the spectrum than CO2 does. Idiots.”

I wonder if the Gorzukion enviro-nutters will therefore dam-up the Niagara River to dry up Niagara Falls, in order to prevent the global-warming mists that the natural wonder of the Falls causes?

Hour after hour - for thousands of years - the mists arising from the river’s plunge over Niagara Falls have caused dangerous global warming, which the Gorzukions will now have to stop. Didn't the Kyoto Protocol clearly specify that the emissions-footprint of Niagara Falls be reduced to pre-10,000 B.C. levels? yes... yes it did...

The above video clips show the utter devastation of global warming in Niagara Falls: the ice floes, the frozen trees, barren, sleet-caked rocks and slippery pavement, the absence of people, the toxic cloud of evil global-warming gasses rushing to the sky from the swirling cauldron of water in the gorge below…this must be stopped immediately!!

For years, the Ontario Liberal government, knowing full well that the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara emit huge amounts water vapour and global-killing catastrophic amounts of Co2, sat by and DID NOTHING! They let it happen!!

St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, whose riding is next door, just several minutes away from Niagara Falls, was even the environment minister in Ontario in the 1980’s – why, when he had the chance, didn’t he DO SOMETHING…ANYTHING… to stop this disastrous environmental horror right in Niagara, under his own nose??

Judge David Suzuki recently prescribed enviro-jails for politicians guilty of such environmental negligence, didn’t he?!

Sheesh. In order to Save The World, Canada and the United States might well have to build a new Hoover-like dam - about a mile or so down river past the Falls, then let the water flood in the gorge until it all becomes just a deep river. The deadly mists of Niagara - along with their evil (yet pretty) rainbows - will be forever eliminated, and the New Niagara Gorzukion Dam will provide plenty of  'green' hydro power. We must Save The Planet here, after all. Hey - stranger things have happened!

In the summer of 1969, the U.S. Corps of Engineers, after building a temporary dam upstream, dried up the American Falls for study and remediation purposes.

The entire Niagara Falls went naturally dry for about a day before April Fool's Day, 1848, when a bizarre combination of up-river winds and Lake Erie ice created such an ice jam at the head of the Niagara River at Buffalo that the river, and then both Falls, temporarily dried up. People even walked out onto the edge!

And, the American Bridal Veil Falls dried up several times during the last hundred years due to winter ice jams in the Niagara River closer to Goat Island.

Next time this happens, the disciples of Goraphobia will certainly blame it all on Bush, Harris and the neocon conspiratorial industrial-military complex - which also, by the way, caused hurricane Katrina, the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, and every volcanic eruption since the dawn of time.

(...and in 2015, we can still witness more global warming / climate change/ GreenFear climatalarmism being perpetrated at the CBC by Bob McDonald.)

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