Monday, October 28, 2013

Liberals Kathleen Wynne and MPP Jim Bradley deny cancer drugs to Ontario mother

As Global News (Oct.28, 2013) reported, Kathleen Wynne's Ontario Liberals are denying cancer-treating drug therapy to a Milton, Ontario, mother.

Yes, you read this correctly: this is the single-payer-pushing, monopoly-enforcing Ontario Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne which is denying the cancer-treatment drug Avastin to an Ontario patient.

This is also St.Catharines Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley who is denying cancer treatment to Ontario citizens. (This is the same Liberal hack Jim Bradley who would like you to believe that... ummm... that it's Mike Harris doing this..!)

But you will NOT hear a peep of concern about this from the Jim Bradley Fan Club (aka St.Catharines Standard). After all, what's any of this gotta do wid Ole Jimmy, anyways - right??!!  Far be it for Grant Lafleche, Doug Herod, or Don Fraser to bother asking Ole Jim Bradley about why his Liberals are denying cancer treatment to Kimm Fletcher.

Feh: this ain't got nothin' ta do wid our boy Jim Bradley! Liberal Jimmy means well! Why should we bother Ole Jimmy?!

And after all - doncha know? - the 'Planet Is In Peril', according to the St.Catharines Standard and Jim Bradley!

After all - doncha know?! - Liberal MPP Jim Bradley is gallantly Battling Evil Conservatives and Oil Barons!! Jim Bradley is Fighting Climate Change to Save The Earth from DOOOOOOOMM!!!

That is what is important here: to divert readers' attention from Ole GreenFear Jimmy's role in denying cancer treatment to Ontario patients, and thereby exposing - once again - MPP Jim Bradley's Liberal healthcare duplicity!! Why, it's just best that the local Niagara press not write about it!! Why bring attention about Ontario's cruel Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley being more interested in the Planet than the patient - right?!

Ontario's Liberals do not want Ontarians to ask about, or to remember, why Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin had to investigate the "cruel" McGuinty government's pathetic behaviour in the Suzanne Aucoin case: see Liberal Healthcare Duplicity - pages 8, 9, 45, 56, 62 ,69, 70, 71, 72 ,73 ,74, 75.

Niagara's Liberal-ass-kissing press won't be asking Ole Liberal Jim Bradley about the parallels between Kimm Fletcher's struggles with Wynne's Liberals now, and Suzanne Aucoin's struggles with McGuinty's Liberals several years ago. (After all, who was Suzanne Aucoin, anyway?! What's she got to do with any of this?! see here; here)

Of course, Kathleen Wynne knows all about Ombudsman Andre Marin's report regarding Suzanne Aucoin: Wynne was a loyal Liberal MPP from day one - from 2003 - happily and proudly supporting Smitherman's and McGuinty's dirty drug-denying-deeds.

Wynne stood proudly with her Liberal colleagues Bradley, McGuinty and Smitherman, while they refused to call a C.diff inquiry in Ontario, when hundreds of infected patients were dying!

Wynne proudly cheered as Greg Sorbara raised the McGuinty health tax, after her lying Liberals campaigned on NOT raising any taxes!

Wynne was a very proud Liberal when her Dear Leader Dalton McGuinty walked away from cancer patient Mike Brady! (What... have y'all forgotten about that proud moment of Ontario Liberal smarm?! Kathleen and Jim Bradley hope that you'd forget!)

Wynne was a proud Liberal when McGuinty abandoned the people of Caledonia; when her Ontario Liberals passed their secret G-20 law; when her Liberals were using secret-code names to vapourize a billion dollars from Ontario's treasury, in order to to buy themselves  an election.

Wynne was proud of her Liberal government's disgusting deeds. Wynne was already in McGuinty's cabinet when Ombudsman Marin released his Aucoin report, which called McGuinty's Liberal healthcare system a "cruel game". 

Now, Liberal Premier Kathleen "Cruella" Wynne is proudly playing the very same "cruel game" with patients' lives, which her hallowed predecessor Dalton McGuinty had played.

Obviously, Niagara's Liberal-besotted press can't bring any of that up, eh?!

Unless it would be to try to make Wynne or Jim Bradley look good - which is exactly what Niagara's press did manage to pull off with Bradley vis-à-vis Aucoin: portray Liberal hack Jim Bradley as some kind of hero in Aucoin's struggle, rather than examine Jim Bradley as one of the main perps causing her troubles, due to his single-payer-pushing monopolism.

Jim Bradley and his Liberal monopolists WERE the 'problem' when it came to Aucoin's dilemma; yet Bradley was carefully rehabilitated in the press and somehow portrayed as having nothing to do with any of it!! Now, it looks like Ole Katy - the McGuinty cruel clone - has nothin' to do with it either.

No St. Catharines Standard Sun Media reporter will dare ask Katy Cruella Wynne about why her Liberals are denying cancer treatment to this Ontario patient!! Lafleche and the other Standard hacks have had weeks to ask Premier Cruella or Jim GreenFear Bradley about it.

The St.Catharines Standard's Bradley Laundry Team still hasn't yet unwrapped Ole Jim from his last Cone Of Silence treatment, surrounding Jim Bradley's reaction to the Auditor's gas-plant report! There has been NO local coverage of Jim Bradley's reaction to the revealed billion-dollar-plus cost of Jim Bradley's GreenFear-instigated bungled gas-plant/seat-buying fiasco!

How many cancer patients would have benefitted had Ontario not been subjected to the horrendous costs of Bradley's and Smitherman's GreenFear fiascos?
Rest assured: No-one from the St.Catharines Standard will dare ask Ole Liberal Buddy EnviroJimmy about that!! (...of course, the Standard  hacks would be earnestly and busily asking all kinds of questions - - - had it been a Conservative government minister..!)

Yep: it's just that easy in Niagara for Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to pull his BS over and over for three decades, and get a free pass while doing so.

- Just look at Doug Herod's fine piece of Bradley worshipping-stenography in the Nov.2, 2013 St.Catharines Standard.
- was Doug finally going to ask EnviroJimmy about how Jimmy's GreenFear bolshevism led to Ontario's Liberal billion-dollar gas-plant scandal, which caused the resignation of Dalton McGuinty?
- was Doug finally going to reveal Bradley's reaction to the Auditor's gas-plant report?
- was Doug finally going to ask Jim Bradley about his still-secret-as-of-2013 "scientific proof" for AGW?
- was Doug about to ask why Jimmy and his Liberals are still denying cancer care drugs to Ontarians, the way Bradley and his Liberals had done to Suzanne Aucoin??
- don't worry about Doug bothering Good Ole Jimmy with pesky questions about any o' that!!
- all we got from Doug was a predictable puff-ball non-story (...y'know, the kind Don Fraser would do...) of dinosaur Bradley waxing on about the Good Ole prehistoric days, when politics (apparently to Jimmy) were "more jovial" and "people were buddies with one another even though they were of different political stripes, as opposed to trying to kick each other in the groin".
- Doug Herod never reported asking Buddy Liberal MPP Jim "I hate doctors" Bradley about how many groins Bradley has kicked.
- Doug Herod, loyal Standard stenographer, blissfully left Bradley's kumbaya BS unchallenged! Why, gosh, if Jimmy said it, it must be true; therefore, it cannot... MUST NOT... be questioned!!
Why, golly, Doug Herod was just dutifully helping zip Ole Liberal Jim Bradley into yet another comfy Cone of Silence!!!

It is as if the act of questioning Liberal Jim Bradley's failing, hypocritical health monopolism was/is kryptonite - anathema - to the personal agendas of Jimmy's Fan Club.
When it came time for examining Jim Bradley's sordid Liberal politics, Liberal-parroting stenography took precedence over journalism in Niagara's press. Often, this well-crafted, thoughtfully-spun, Lib-friendly biased stenography is still simply passed off as being 'journalism', no other viewpoints need apply. Criticism of Jim Bradley's Liberal politics is not appreciated, practically verboten.

- Just look at Grant Lafleche's masterfully phony "editorial" in the Oct.23, 2013 St.Catharines Standard, whining on about "home care funding" - yet LaFleche purposefully neglects to mention anything about the Ontario Liberal government, or of local St.Catharines monopoly-pusher Liberal Jim Bradley!
Lafleche carefully alludes to "the" or to "our" "government" and its "hollow" promises, but Gaia-darn-it, Ole Grant just can't bear to mention Jim Bradley's or Deb Matthews' Liberal roles in any of this!
Now, that's some finger-lickin'-good Warren Kinsella-zation at work in Niagara's press!  Give Ole Grant anudder award!!

Hypocrite Liberal MPP Jim Bradley is the one 'kicking' Ontario's cancer patients 'in the groin' -  but you can't trust that a St.Catharines Standard columnist would dare write about that.

- Just look at another earlier laughable Grant Lafleche "report", "NHS faces $12 million shortfall; No new funding; savings must come from within" (St.Catharines Standard, Oct.10, 2013), where Grant slants his "report" and purposefully fails to mention that it is Ontario's LIBERAL government which is underfunding the Niagara Health System!!

Ole Grant LaFleche flushed that fact down the propaganda toilet!
Gawrsh - why drag any Liberals into this - eh, Grant?! What could Liberal health-care-monopoly-pushing hack Jim Bradley have to do with any of this... eh, Grant?!

LaFleche didn't mention that it is Liberal Kathleen Wynne now underfunding the NHS, just as Liberal McGuinty had done before her, through the Liberal LHIN bureaucracy, which McGuinty and Smitherman had created. What's that gotta do wid any o' dis - right Grant?!

LaFleche didn't mention that the NHS is being underfunded (not by "Queen's Park", as Ole Grant likes to deceptively spin it) but by Kathleen Wynne's Liberals with the fawning support of Andrea Horwath and her NDP socialist enablers!!
Good Ole Grant conveniently doesn't see any connection here, between his story, and the political single-payer-pushing enablers who have allowed the underfunding to continue! Nothing to see here folks... move along now. Hey: lookit Rob Ford! Lookit!! Way over there... Lookit!!!

In fact, this is not a "new" story at all: the same underfunding crap has been going on with Ontario's Liberal healthcare monopolists and the NHS for nearly a decade now.

LaFleche - of course! - did not bother to get local Niagara Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley to explain why his Liberals continually manage to underfund Niagara's hospital system, yet at the same time (in order to ...ummm... "save the planet") Jim Bradley's Liberals manage to blow a billion bucks on their GreenFear-propagated gas-plant fiasco.

Great Gaia - why would Ole Grant bother askin' Ole Jimmy any o' dis stuff...?!
The Standard isn't allowed to ask Liberal Jim Bradley anything about 'righting' his own Liberal wrongs!! hahaha  (...and this is nothing new for LaFleche!)

LaFleche writes: “There is still a lot of work to do on this, obviously, but we are going to have to make big and bold decisions,” interim CEO Sue Matthews said.

Matthews said the NHS has a clear process that dictates how it can trim money from the budget. The NHS first looks to increase revenue, including parking fees, cafeteria prices, rent and other services. Next, it can look at cutting back administration and support services, which also includes infection control, laundry, food services and hospital management. "

LaFleche - strangely hahahaha - doesn't bother asking anybody - certainly not any Liberal - about Sue Matthews' cost-cutting comments, and LaFleche just let the comment about cutting back on infection control, slide right by, without any examination whatsoever!!

Yep: can you imagine the smug, sanctimonious uproar from the St.Catharines Standard's Bradley Shoeshine Club, had this been said by an NHS official while a Conservative government was in power?!

We'd never the hear the end of the Bradleyites bleating about it!

Yet - under Jim Bradley's watch - talk about cutting infection control in Liberal-monopoly-enforced hospitals is simply just sloughed off, simply ignored, simply goes unchallenged by the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Butt Kisser!!!
Suddenly: no-one cares! Isn't that astounding?!
Better give Grant anudder coupla awards... cuz, gosh, he deserves them!!

- LaFleche - strangely hahahahadidn't even bother to interview St.Catharines hack Mayor Brian McMullan about any of this, either.
After all: the Standard liked to get Mayor McFullofit to blab on about healthcare, when it was convenient to have a proxy for Jim Bradley, while Bradley was warmly wrapped in one of his many media-enabled Cones Of Silence!
Why didn't LaFleche provide any comments from Mayor McFullofit this time?!

After all, we should recall how Mayor Brian McFullofit was sanctimoniously blabbering in June of 2011 (during Niagara's Summer of Liberal C. difficile Death) about how he wanted to know why the C. difficile outbreak happened in Niagara, and how to prevent it from happening again!!

Yes: that's what the supposedly-oh-so-concerned St.Catharines hack Mayor Brian McMullan was saying in June of 2011; yet, hypocrite McMullan never bothered to actually do something about it at the time, such as demand that a public inquiry be called into the Liberal's deadly C. difficile fiasco.

Mayor Brian McMullan just needed to pretend that he 'wanted to know how it happened', but really, Mayor McFullofit didn't give a sh!t about how it happened, neither then, nor now. It was just baseless rhetoric. It was all a show.

And so now - in 2013 - when the cutting of hospital infection control in St.Catharines rears its ugly head again - St.Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan - the shameful hypocrite hack - buries his head in the sand, and now has nothing to say about it!
But, oohhhh, just two years ago, how desperately Mayor McFullofit had wanted us to believe that he cared...
that he cared so much...
and that he cared oh-so deeply...
and that he really 'wanted to know how the outbreak started'...
and that he really 'wanted to know how to prevent it'!
What utter pretension, what utter crap! What a con!

Yet now, the St.Catharines Standard cannot bring itself to ask St.Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan if he's concerned about the NHS's recent talk about cutting infection control measures vis-à-vis Liberal underfunding!
Can't dare criticize Jim Bradley's Liberal single-payer health-care despotism, y'see.

When it comes time to discussing infection control in Jim Bradley's Liberal health monopoly, you can trust that the Jim Bradley Fan Club in St.Catharines will loyally cover up for their Boy Bradley, in the same way the Standard disgustingly covered up for Jim Bradley during the NHS's Summer of C. difficile Death.
(Lafleche himself reported in one of his stories ("C.diff is back: Outbreak in Falls", St.Catharines Standard, Dec.8, 2011) about Sue Matthews at that time saying that 'maintaining enhanced infection control measures at NHS sites will cost about $1 million annually' - and this was above what the 2011 Summer of  Liberal C.diff Death hard dollar costs were. Lafleche reported that Matthews in Oct. 2011 had said that the costs of  that killer Niagara NHS outbreak were estimated at $1.5 to 2 million. Yet, by 2013, Lafleche failed to mention any of that stuff from 2011! When Sue Matthews brought up the spectre of hospital infection cuts in 2013, why didn't Lafleche refer back to his OWN 2011story, and question Matthews about that very same important topic? Lafleche ignored the issue of infection control cuts under Liberal rule, and let it just slide by...)

Ontario Liberals Dalton McGuinty, George Smitherman, and Jim Bradley denied cancer coverage to Suzanne Aucoin, until Ontario's Ombudsman had to investigate the matter; now Liberals Kathleen Wynne, Deb Matthews, and Jim Bradley are doing that again with Kimm Fletcher.

It's the same thing, all over again - it's Aucoin-Redux. It's George Smitherman morphing into Deb Matthews; its Deb Matthews channeling Smitherman. It's Groundhog Day starring health-monopoly hack Jim Bradley. It's Jim Bradley and his healthcare-denying bait-and-switch Deja-Vu Revue. Guess the same Ombudsman will now have to investigate this case as well. At least Andre Marin has seen this health-horror-movie before, and is now familiar with the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals' two-faced tactics.

Niagara's press is surely already developing angles to shield, cover, and divert attention away from their glittering jewel Jimmy Bradley.

Once again, the press' protective Cone of Silence will be lovingly lowered upon Liberal MPP Jim Bradley by his fifth-columnist sycophants.
See writer Lori Williams' plea to the Liberal health-care-cutter Kathleen Wynne (Hamilton Spectator, Jul.31, 2015):
"Dear Ms. Wynne:
I am writing you today in regards to Laura Hillier, the young woman in Burlington who, with intense treatment, is currently in remission from acute myelogenous leukemia. She is 18 years of age and just recently graduated in my daughter's class from Nelson High School.
Laura and her family were elated to find out that there was more than one match for Laura to move forward for a stem cell transplant recently. Imagine what that kind of news felt like for Laura and her loved ones! Except that they very quickly found out that Laura would not be imminently receiving the transplant due to a lack of beds. What a blow this must have been to them.
The chemotherapy drug that Laura needs to endure to keep her cancer in remission has already caused permanent damage to her vision. It caused a brain infection that spread to her retina. Having this treatment again for an extended period of time while waiting for a bed seems unruly and cruel to put it mildly and may result in further damage or even worse.
Although I do not know Laura, I know of the worry and struggles of someone battling this horrible disease called cancer.
Through my daughter Meghan, I know that Laura is not only an incredible student but also an incredible person. She has set an example to her graduating class of how life should be lived by everyone. Her positivity, infectious personality and zest for life shaped approximately 400 students at Nelson and as an extension, their families as well.
I have never met Laura but I partially credit her for showing my daughter how life should be approached which is a quality that is invaluable especially as Meghan moves on to university in the fall. As I sit here thinking of all the planning that comes from sending your child off to university, I can't help but think of Laura.
I have always taken for granted that Meghan would go through elementary school, high school and then university and we are fortunate that all of this has occurred. All parents think of this, but that has not been the case for Laura's mom, Frances Hillier. Instead of getting ready for university, Laura is in the fight for her life; instead of Frances thinking about meal plans, supplies she needs and Skyping with her daughter, she is worried that a bed will not become available in time to save her precious daughter's life.
I have read all the articles on wait-lists, the different kinds of stem cell transplants and the "strained system" but that is little comfort to Laura and her family. We are fortunate to live in a country where we pride ourselves on equality and justice for all. We need to do everything in our power to find this young lady a bed so she can move on with her treatment. I implore you to provide the necessary support this family needs to provide Laura the provisions to move forward with her stem cell transplant.
Thank you for your time.
Lori Williams
Lori Williams is a Burlington mother.""
Does any Ontario Liberal - such as Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - care about any of this?!?
Patients suffering in Ontario - who cares about that?
Liberal hacks Jim Bradley and Kathleen Wynne have a Planet To Save!!
By July, 2015, Kathleen Wynne, on behalf of the provincial Ontario Liberal Party, was busy polluting a federal election campaign with her disgusting ideology (and acting as a proxy for Justin Trudeau) rather than acknowledge and rectify the demonstrably colossal failure of her own disgusting Liberalism in Ontario.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley - Ontario's "Godfather of GreenFear" - remains unchalleged by the media on latest energy fiasco

There's another good article from Scott Stinson about the Dalton Wynne/ Kathleen McGuinty { can't tell them apart, really...} Liberal government's energy disaster:  Ontario paying the price for Energy Act (National Post, Apr.11, 2013).

With Ontario's auditor-general now reporting that Ontario has lost almost TWO BILLION dollars by exporting electricity at a loss, when do you think anyone in Niagara will actually bother to question the local Liberals whose government caused this mess?!

When will Niagara's vaunted Liberal-shoe-shining press ever bother to question their local Liberal purveyors of climate-change fear, MPP's Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley, and ask them to comment on the massive costs caused by their own climate-fear propaganda?!

... do ya think the St.Catharines Standard's Laughable Wrong-Righters Wendy Metcalfe, or Bolichowski, or Don Fraser haha or Lafleche hahhaa will ever bother to dare ask Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley {who just happens to be Ontario's disgusting Environment Minister!!} Jim Bradley 'bout any of this...?!? [easy answer: nope]

The Liberals' Green Energy Act (aka George Smitherman's GreenFear Act of Economic Destruction) has been lovingly supported by the media in Niagara, essentially without question: after all, we were all warned that the Planet Was In Peril  by Niagara's GreenFear-supporting press propagandists.

The assumptions at the root of this gargantuan green-energy cockup were based on the climate-change / global-warming enviro-alarmism propagated for years by none other than Niagara's own local boy, Good Ole Jim Bradley!!

Jim Bradley's green-pushing bolshevism was allowed to pass essentially unchallenged in Niagara's press.

Jim Bradley - Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear - has been given such a free ride in Niagara's Liberal-pandering press, that it's an affront to "journalism"; it's been more like years of JimmyFriendly oh-shucks-golly-gee ignorant fawning Bradley FanClub puff-pieces, which border on being unpaid fifth-columnist propaganda/campaign literature!
Niagara's "reporters" don't question Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's GreenFear propaganda - they evangelize it.

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has been riding a long, unchallenged wave of fawning from Niagara's media.

No one has bothered to examine Jim Bradley's decades of Green bolshevism, or to even ask Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley to reveal his specific AGW "evidence" for global-warming/climate-change, and then ask Ole Jimmy how his brand of "it's-all-settled"-GreenFear-socialism will "solve" any of it!! What a GreenFraud hoax this all is!!

There is a direct link between Liberal Jim Bradley's Kyoto-pushing-GreenFear-propaganda and his Liberals' disastrous Green Energy Act, which, with all its consequent costly energy experiments, inevitably led to the pathetic resignation of disgusting Dalton McGuinty.

The whole fiasco was based on GreenFear, propagated from the start by unchallenged climatalarmists such as St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley... and his enabler friends in Niagara's press.

So: Keep that quiet, ya hear?!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Kathleen Wynne claims she wasn't "in the room" when her Liberals conspired to buy themselves an election, financed by Ontario tax-dollars

Rob Ferguson (Feb.27, 2013 Toronto Star) wrote:

"As legislative committee hearings into the Mississauga and Oakville plants resume Thursday with a search for what opposition MPPs insist are withheld documents, Wynne said she wasn’t “in the room” when the cancellation decisions were made before the 2011 election — but will take responsibility."
Did anyone ask Ms. Kathleen Wynne-McGuinty [aka Ms. WynnGuinty] exactly when these 'cancellation decisions' were made? (Ferguson wrote: '...the cancellation decisions were made before the 2011 election', but, what exactly does he mean - before election day itself [ie during the actual election period], or, is he referring to before the 2011 election was even called??)

Was all this decided only during one solitary cabinet meeting - the one Ms. Kathleen WynnGuinty somehow conveniently missed?

Were there other cabinet meetings, dealing specifically with the gas-plant cancellation, prior to the cabinet meeting during which the actual cancellation decision was made?

Were any cabinet meetings on the gas-plant-cancellation held prior to the election being called?

Did anyone ask Ms. Kathleen WynnGuinty exactly who was "sitting in the room" during any of these meetings?!

Did anyone ask Ontario premier Ms. WynnGuinty where she actually was, if she wasn't "in the room"?!!

What really is Ms. Kathleen WynnGuinty 'taking reponsibility' for, anyway??

It's not like she'll ever make her backers in the Ontario Liberal Party pay back the hundreds of millions it cost taxpayers, so that Ontarians can now suffer the spectre of having gas-plant-cancellation-beneficiary Chuckie Sousa controlling Ontario's finances!! What a pathetic joke - and none of those Grits proudly claiming "reponsibility" will ever actually be held accountable.

And, its funny ...pathetic, really... how the Liberal-friendly faux-wrong-righting St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker, in Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's home riding, has conveniently not bothered to ask where their BestBoy Jimmy was!

Was Ontario's GreenFear-pushing Environment minister, Liberal Jim Bradley, "sitting in the room", when his disgusting Liberals decided to buy themselves an election using public funds?

Why are the wrong-righting Liberal-friendly propagandists at the St.Catharines Standard JimBradleyFanClub afraid to interview their hero Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about that?!!
So, let's fast-forward to Sue Ann Levy's column "Kathleen Wynne 'involved all along' in gas-plant cancellations, opposition says"  (Niagara Advance, Jul.24, 2013):

"Call it one of the most egregious cases of Liberal double-talk yet.
Shocking new revelations to the committee investigating the cancellation of two gas-fired plants show that despite her testimony to the contrary, new Premier Kathleen Wynne was very much part of the conversations surrounding the scandal’s coverup.
In a July 22 letter to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy, deputy minister of government services Kevin Costante confirms that some 1,233 backup tapes have been found — so far — containing emails produced by Wynne related to the gas plant cancellations.
The letter does not give any clue as to how many gas plant e-mails are on each of these tapes — only that the tapes have been found.
In testimony to the gas plant committee on June 6, Wynne denied any involvement in decisions to break her own government’s record-keeping laws by deleting the e-mails.
“Those were decisions that were made by other people in other conversations and I wasn’t part of those conversations ... I wasn’t in those rooms,” she told the committee on that June day.
“I can’t speak to the motivation and I can’t speak to the behind the scenes, because I wasn’t in those conversations.”
The 1,233 tapes belonging to Wynne’s e-mail account are part of some 3,226 “responsive” backup tapes found, including 1,494 tapes containing gas plant e-mails for former energy minister Chris Bentley.
Costante advises the committee in his letter that they will need to cough up anywhere from $1.7-million to $3.5-million to “create readable” e-mails from the tapes.
Wynne was in Niagara-on-the-Lake Wednesday hosting a three-day a meeting of the Council of the Federation, comprised of all provincial and territorial leaders.
But the opposition was quick to jump on the controversy-plagued premier.
PC MPP Vic Fedeli said this clearly shows Wynne has “been involved all along” and that she already knows what it cost to cancel the Oakville and Mississauga plants.
“It’s trying to keep the truth out of the public hands under after the (Aug. 1) byelections,” he said, pegging the $3.5-million bill to retrieve the e-mails as yet another Liberal “stall tactic.”
Gilles Bisson, NDP MPP for Timmins-James Bay, said it’s clear Wynne was not only in the “rooms” when the decisions were made about the gas plants but she was one of the decision makers that led to this gas-plant fiasco.
A Forum poll released exclusively to the Sun this week shows that 52% of those surveyed believe Wynne knew about the e-mail deletions. Almost one in four feel she actually ordered records related to the scandal to be deleted."
It looks like Ontario's 'new' Premier Liberal Liar Kathleen Wynne is as much a duplicitous slimebag as the old Liberal McGuinty ever was.
And yet amazingly teehee - the wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard still haven't bothered to interview St.Catharines Liberal MPP (aka Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear) Jim Bradley, about ANY of this!!
Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar Wynne was even in Niagara on Jul.24 for the premier's summit, yet, no Standard reporter dared ask her about her Liberal gas-plant lies!!! Hooray, Erica, Mark and Peter!!
[Oh, by the way: there was another great Dolighan cartoon choice in the Standard's pathetic July 22, 2013 edition! Well done, Wrong-Righters: keep the Liberal GreenFear simmering!! Don't ask Jim Bradley any difficult questions about his disastrous climatalarmism, and don't ask Ole Jimmy about his failed Liberal green fiasco, either: that's the way uh-huh uh-huh Warren Kinsella likes it!]
Let's not forget that Kathleen Wynne was the Liberal campaign co-chair (along with the thankfully-gone Greg Sorbara) when the seat-buying decisions were made to cancel the gas-plants, and let's remember that Kathleen Wynne (as a McGuinty loyal Grit hack minister) actually signed off on the Oakville gas plant cancellation!

As  PC candidate Steve Black wrote in the Oct.10, 2013 Timmins Press:
"It can be noted that Premiere Wynne was campaign co-chair when the decisions were made to cancel both gas plants, and that she signed the government document that authorized the Oakville gas plant cancellation. She has deceived and hidden costs of the cancellations from the taxpayers."

There you have it: Kathleen Wynne - Ontario`s newest bald-faced premier Liberal liar.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Liberal GreenFear-monger Glen Murray blames climate-change for his own ineptitude

Following Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's moronic assertions, when as Ontario's Transportation Minister,  Bradley blamed climate change for causing rust...

... now we have another disgusting Liberal Transportation Minister (see Keith Leslie's story, Globe and Mail, Feb.26, 2013), this time it's pathetic Glen Murray, once again trotting out the exact same unsubstantiated GreenFear, trying to cover up for his ministry's lack of timely road maintenance. It's the same old Liberal shit, coming out of another Lying Liberal Grit.

Of course, as with Jim "just trust, me" Bradley, Glen Murray can't really point to any... oh, how did Grant LaFleche put it? - oh, yeah: SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of climate change (as GreenFear propaganda, furthering the agenda of redistributive green bolshevism) other than that the climate changes, as does the weather!

Glen Murray and his Liberals have poisoned our government with their green climate hysteria, and Glen Murray's Liberals have pretty much destroyed Ontario's economy with their green bolshevik agenda
Glen Murray can only blame the "climate-change" boogeyman, because Glen Murray and his ilk have been lulled by their own GreenFear propaganda from ACTUALLY BEING PREPARED FOR A CANADIAN WINTER.

That's all.

And how sadly telling is it, that the socialists in the NDP opposition, like Gilles Bisson, simply fail to nail Murray on the real issue, which is Murray's deceptive climate-change excuse!

This is because Horvath and her socialists believe the same climate change doomsday scenarios which Murray's Liberals do!! These clowns drink the same shared green bathwater.

So Bisson, as a good socialist, simply ignores the real issue - Murray's incompetent GreenFear-induced stupor - and instead chooses to attack Murray for 'privatizing' road maintenance, thereby totally missing the point!

It's the usual drone, from the usual cabal of lefties, whining and fear-mongering that the earth is about to burn/freeze/melt/collapse soon soon sssssoooooOOOOOOOOOONNNNN, if we dont have more more MORE taxes, now now NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Glen Murray's Ontario Liberals have spent BILLIONS on costly, ineffective GreenFear-induced energy experiments; yet Ole Green-Worshipping Glenny, just like Ole Jimmy Bradley, can only disingenuously blame "climate-change" for his own utter unpreparedness to take care of Ontario's roads!!

How many trillions will the Jim Bradleys, the Glen Murrays, the Kathleen McGuintys and their green brigade waste, before we see the lunacy inherent in their conceited pursuit to their ultimate goal of climate stasis?!?!

Monday, February 25, 2013

St.Catharines Standard's propaganda machine still covers up for Liberal Jim Bradley

Ahh, in the Feb. 25, 2013  St.Catharines Standard Jim Bradley Buttwiper, we were blessed with another one of Grant 2x4 LaFleche's wrong-righting diversionary pieces, babbling on about Harper and climate change, while doing nothing to contact Ole Jim the Kyodiot Bradley!
If  LaFleche wanted umm... 'scientific' answers about climate change (whatever that means to Grant) then Grant shoulda talked to Ole Jimmy!!
Doesn't Grant have Ole Enviro Jimmy thare on speed dial?! Jimmy gots alls da anssers!
And what, Grant is now also whining that he can't get Environment Canada's 'brainiacs' - such as David Phillips?! - to talk to him?!
How sad: no more Cagey Climatologist stories!! And pity, how for all these years Grant could have called up a Cagey Government Climatologist, just to prove that green bolshevism can solve climate change - yet didn't!
But now sadly happily, Grant can get all indignant about Harper!! Yeh - dats da tiket...
Grant can propagandize about how - Great Gaia!! - 'science seems to be lacking in Ottawa'!! [Gosh, how proud Warren Kinsella must be of this first-class, dare we say, award-winning, BS!] Of course, when Jim Bradley opened his mouth, there was always 'science' pouring out of it; McGuinty's Liberal government was aaaaallllllll about 'science', eh Grant?!!
How many times has Grant actually bothered to ask Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister (and Ontario's leading GreenFear-spreader) Jim Bradley, about Enviro Jimmy's voluminous "evidence" of climate change - which Bradley has kept secret for decades?!
(Wouldn't that be a great story for Lafleche: actually proving that Jim Bradley has held the secret evidence of global warming for all these years? But, no: propagandist LaFlush DID NOT get any climate-change/global-warming evidence from Niagara's oldest GreenFear-pusher Bradley, about anything - because LaFlush's real aim was to discredit and smear Harper!!!)
Yah: Grant can immediately get all his climate-change-doomsday answers validated by the completely unbiased Jim Bradley, aka Ontario's Liberal Godfather of GreenFear!!
All that Grant Lafleche has to do, is to actually ASK LIBERAL JIM BRADLEY to provide the scientific evidence for AGW.
Yet, that was NEVER the goal, was it?!
Grant can also ask Jim Bradley why he is giving Sierra Club cells thousands of tax dollars, too...
Funny how in the past, Grant never reported propagandized about how Liberals Bradley and McGuinty "made political choices based on emotional jingoism"!!
Funny how Grant's pants weren't too tightly knotted when it was Liberal 'spin doctors who filled our heads with fairy tales wrapped in the national flag' - when for years, that was exactly McGuinty's and Bradley's and Lastewka's Standard Liberal Operating Procedure!!
But, this is the kind of GritShit, the kind of typical diversionary propaganda oozing from the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Shoeshiner these days.
Forget about actually asking Liberal Environment Minister Bradley about the environment; spin it all onto Harper!!
Also, forget about asking Niagara's chief health-care-monopoly-pusher Jim Bradley, about 51 hour wait times in Niagara's hospitals!! Or about Jim Bradley's role in Niagara's killer Liberal C. diff outbreak?
And, forget about examining how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's decades-long role as climate-alarmist GreenFear-pusher, led to billion-dollar debts in Ontario, to the Liberal's gas plant fiasco, and then directly to Dalton McGuinty's resignation!
Seeing that Grant LaFleche still propagates his 'award-winning' view (...a patently phony meme...) that the murder of four American officials in Benghazi was somehow linked to a YouTube video, we can't expect Grant to really put Jim Bradley under the microscope!!!
Yep... and also, Al Gore's movie was quite the work of 'science', eh Grant, not science-fiction... oh, and pssst... Argo is all true, too... and, umm... the sequester wasn't Bammer's idea... and...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ontario Liberal gas-plant cover-up continues

It's amazing, isn't it, to see how the deceptions perpetrated by the McGuinty Liberals, simply continue unabated under the Wynne Liberals.
We might as well call this the Kathleen McGuinty government; it's the same old Grit scumbaggery we've come to expect, different pair of pants.
As Antonella Artuso reported in the St.Catharines Standard's Feb.22, 2013 'Friday night bad news dump', the Kathleen McGuinty Liberals are suddenly shocked - shocked, they tell us... as Bob Chiarelli actually did!! - that yet more OPA gas-plant files have been revealed - this despite the Liberals doing their best to hide from this scandal since last year.
Oh, and yes - these files even had secret code names for them, like Project Vapour, Project Banana, or Project Fruit Salad, which show us the depth to which Ontario's disgusting Liberals [...codename: scumbags...] went to, in their attempts to hide and cover up their gas-plant vote-buying scam.
It's as if Dalton was playing some Bond villain, with his secrets and code names and political manipulations.
We have just gone back to where this all ended - when Dalton resigned and prorogued the House at Queen's Park - and are starting all over again!
Dalton, let's not forget, tried to blame all this on a 'toxic opposition' which was asking Dalton too many questions! Dalton, accustomed to eight years as a majority dictator, didn't feel he had to oblige the taxpayers of Ontario with answers on how his Ontario Liberal Party used tax dollars to buy themselves an election.
Dalton's lying Liberals kept telling us that there were no more files; lo and behold, more files kept popping up. McGuinty was so deep into his web of deceit, he resigned.
So now, four months after McGuinty's slimebag move to close down the house (to buy his disgusting Liberals some time to get their stories straight) we have yet more revelations and more files emerging - this every time just after the Liberals finish telling us 'ok, that's it, that's all of them, honest...'!
As MPP Vic Fedeli said "Now we know that there were documents that were covered up."
Well, we now know why Dalton the liar quit, as well.
We're back to where we were in October 2012.
The Liberals, try as McGuinty did, should not be able to get away from the contempt hearings.
Of course, Kathleen McGuinty has already stated that she will not call a public inquiry, giving us her facile excuse that 'it would cost too much'!!
Are ya kidding us, premier Kathleen McGuinty?!
Is that the reason your cowardly Liberals are hiding from an inquiry - that it would 'cost too much' to find out exactly how many millions of dollars your Liberal Party's vote-buying scheme cost Ontario's taxpayers?!?! oh, come on now, Katie!!
You just smugly and arbitrarily decided that 'we don't need no stinkin' 'vestigations'?!?!
How convenient!
This is exactly why the Liberals need to be turfed, and soon.
This Liberal stink will not go away; the Kathleen McGuinty Liberals are the very same Dalton Wynne Liberals from the year before - nothing's changed: it's the exact same flailing hydra, the same crew, same faces, same sins.
We all should remember how St.Catharines GreenFear-spreader MPP Liberal Jim Bradley smugly agreed with Dalton last year, parroting the Liberal lie that the house was 'toxic', shamelessly blaming the opposition for pestering Jimmy's poor ole lyin' Libs with all kinds of silly questions about some kinda gas-plant scandal...!!!
Remember that?
Now, Ole Jim Bradley's talkin' all kumbaya about now that Kathleen McGuinty is the new Gritmeister, that Jimmy has great hopes that the opposition will now work with the Grits!!
Yes, sure, Jimmy: you think we should all just forget that your Liberals bought an election with tax dollars, through your Liberal Party's gas-plant vote-buying scheme?!
The opposition should just, ah... forget about that, Jim?
And, should we also just forget that the gas-plants (which led to Dalton's downfall) had been approved by the Liberals in the first place, because of the incessant GreenFear climate-change-doom spread for years by none other than Ole Jim Bradley himself??!, yah, sure... forget that too!
Just do as the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker usually does: don't ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley too many questions.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Niagara press refuses to press Liberal Jim Bradley for response to lousy LHIN report

It's funny how the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker had absolutley no coverage of the Niagara LHIN's pathetic healthcare performance, as was outlined in a Feb.19, 2013 Hamilton Spectator story.

The Spectator story noted that "during the most-recently reported quarter, the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN registered either the second-worst or third-worst performance out of 14 LHINs in each of the three categories".

Isn't it funny that, say, the Standard's Don Fraser wasn't immediately sent out in the rain on his waterskis to interview Niagara's Liberal healthcare-monopoly-pushing-hack, Ole Jim Bradley, for his comments on his Liberal health-care monopoly's abysmal record!

Isn't that what would have happened, had some Conservative been our local MPP?! Sure it would have!!

If it was anyone else but Ole Liberal Jimmy, Wendy Metcalfe's self-appointed laughable wrong-righters would have been falling over themselves to ambush the politician and demand answers!!

But, hey - this is Ole Liberal stalwart MPP Jim Bradley were talkin' 'bout, after all: Niagara's local press is loathe to ask their BestBoyJim anything, especially if it means it might make Ole Buddy Jimmy look bad.

Niagara's pathetic excuse for reporting, known as the St.Catharines Standard, ignored the LHIN report!!

How many days will it take for the Standard to contact their buddy Bradley for answers??! [nothing yet, by Feb.25...!!]

What, are Standard staffers holding marathon midnight meetings, trying desperately to craft and assemble a puffball question or two, sanitized enough so as not to only make Ole Jimmy look good even in these circumstances, but to create the impression that Ole Monopolist Jimmy really has nothing whatsoever to do with this - with any of it!!

So, go to it, Bradley Shoeshiners!! Get your rhetorical can of partisan paste out, and lovingly start rubbing Bradley's boots!!

And remember: just don't tell sicko Michael Moore about any of this, and, don't dare ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for answers about why, as the Spectator reported -

  The HNHB [Hamilton Niagara Haldimand  Brant] LHIN had the second-longest 90th percentile wait time (33.4 hours) for ER patients admitted and the second-longest average wait time (16 hours) in the province. The Mississauga-Halton LHIN had the longest waits in both cases.

or why

At Greater Niagara General Hospital, one in 10 ER patients eventually admitted to a hospital bed waited at least 51 hours in the emergency department

or why

At St. Catharines General, one in 10 high-acuity patients spent at least 10 hours in the ER.

It is for the best that no one from the St.Catharines Standard demand health care accountability and answers from Liberal monopolists such as Jim Bradley! (Just as it was for the best that the disgusting St.Catharines Standard protected their buddy Jim Bradley and did not bother to pursue him, as dozens of Niagara C. diff patients were dying in Bradley's local Liberal health monopoly!!)

Gosh; over a period of what - two decades? - the Standard has never even been able to bring itself to ask Liberal GreenFear-monger and Environment Minister Jim Bradley for his definitive proof that green bolshevism cures AGW!!

The Standard has never bothered to specifically ask Ole Liberal Jim Bradley to publicly detail when exactly Bradley first learned about his cabinet colleague Bartolucci's secret G20 law!

And - now that we have Kathleen "I know nothing... nooooothhhing..." Wynne, the pantsuited McGuinty surrogate, telling us that she was never at any cabinet meeting where McGuinty's clandestine 'Project Vapour' gas-plant/vote-buying scheme was being discussed - the St.Catharines Standard will most certainly not bother to ask Niagara's vapourous ole Jim Bradley whether Ole Jimmy was there at McGuinty's cabinet table for those Bond-villain-esque Project Vapour meetings!

So, why would the Standard's LiberalFriendly reporter/stenographers bother to ask MPP's Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about 51 HOUR WAIT TIMES in their own local Liberal-run local healthcare monopoly?!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The 2013 Niagara Ice Bridge has formed today

The first Ice Bridge of the 2013 season has formed today, Jan.26, 2013, in the Lower Niagara river, near the Maid of the Mist dock. (See video).
It had formed within the last 24 hours, since yesterday afternoon there was still an ice stream flowing downriver; today the ice has become solid and non-moving. The shore-to-shore non-moving ice starts about at the foot of Clifton Hill, near the Canadian-side Maid dock, in a diagonal path across to the U.S.-side, touching shore just north of the American Maid dock.
 - Also see videos, starting from when there was no ice at all in the Niagara River here, taken Jan.23, 2013
and as ice shelves developed on the Niagara River banks here, taken Jan.25, 2013
- see photos of  the 2011 Niagara Ice Bridge here

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The emotional health-care terrorism of Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberal government

Further to earlier posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here...

...don't tell sickos Michael Moore or Ole Mike Dukakis, or Babs Yaffe and her frothing Shona Holmes-haters, about this Dec.5, 2012 Toronto Star story!

While we're at it: don't tell Ontario Liberal health-minister Deb Matthews about it, and for gaia's sake, don't ask global-warming greenfear-monger and single-payer health monopolist, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about it, either.

And DO NOT ask any of those pathetic Liberal chumps, who are eagerly vying to become Liberal leader (and therefore Ontario's next premier) to comment about this case!! Don't want any of those phony-'Liberal renewal' peddlers to dare commit to any non-party line about healthcare!

As Jim Rankin wrote in the Star story:
"...Hajinian and her brother were amazed by the level of care [in the United States] and both feel her case highlights a major problem with health care in Ontario and Canada.
Despite a petition and campaign to get her help, including pleas to MPs, MPPs and a package Babikian personally delivered to Premier Dalton McGuinty, the system, in this case, did not deliver in a timely fashion, says Babikian.
“We never heard anything from them,” said Babikian.
With all of the money spent on health care in Canada, they don’t comprehend why they had to put so much effort — for so long — into a futile hunt for specialized help in Canada.
The quest for care has taken a toll. Her husband suffered a minor stroke and caring for her has stressed the extended family.
“We don’t want any more Ontarians to live through the hell that we lived through for the last 13 years,” said Babikan. “Why do we need to put hard-working Ontarians and their families through, to be honest, what is emotional terrorism by our own government. This is not a third-world country where you hear of such stories.”
If all goes as hoped with her recovery, the money spent on her surgery may actually save Canadian taxpayers the added long term health care and other costs that Hajinian most likely would have racked up without the surgery.
“Our health care system needs a serious revision, serious reform,” said Babikian. “I don’t understand how these bureaucrats make these decisions.”
Hajinian says she heard from more than one Canadian doctor that the U.S. doctors would do the surgery just for the money.
“But why would they risk their reputation for a $30,000 surgery?” wondered Hajinian. “It wasn’t for the money. They provided the service and they were concerned...”
Ontario patients did not hear back from McGuinty's Liberals?!!!! Where oh where were McGuinty's Liberals hiding?! Hiding is what McGuinty's Liberal weasels do best!!
No one really understands how Ontario bureaucrats in McGuinty's Liberal health care monopoly "make these decisions", even at HSARB!!
McGuinty's Liberal monopolist hacks DID NOT and DO NOT want ANY serious revision or reform to their disastrous health monopoly!!

They immediately (with their friends at the Toronto Star and the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker) attack anyone who suggests any kind of healthcare reform for Ontario!! [It's amazing to even see the Star carrying this story, seeing as the Star, like the St.Catharines Standard, naturally, vehemently advocates for the Tommy Douglas status-quo and against what patients  themselves are saying!!]
When Babikian talks of emotional terrorism by "our own government", let's remember, this refers to Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government in Ontario. This is what Liberal Healthcare Duplicity is all about!!
This also includes pathetic Liberal hacks like Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, who is a stalwart anti-patient-choice statist, a smug single-payer monopolist, and an American health-system-hater, who for decades has sneered with contempt at the U.S. health system.
Monopolist Bradley never advocated any serious reform of his health monopoly; Bradley could care less about what to him are meaningless anecdotes from the Hajinians or the Kapurs or the Bradys of Ontario. To Ole Monopolist Jimmy, such patients are but little glitches, mere footnotes, irksome anomalies, minor inconveniences, in Bradley's Great Liberal Radiant Healthcare Future!!
Liberal MPP Jim Bradley will keep kissing Tommy Douglas' ass, no matter how many Ontarians are threatened by Bradley's ideologically-perverted health policies.