Monday, February 25, 2013

St.Catharines Standard's propaganda machine still covers up for Liberal Jim Bradley

Ahh, in the Feb. 25, 2013  St.Catharines Standard Jim Bradley Buttwiper, we were blessed with another one of Grant 2x4 LaFleche's wrong-righting diversionary pieces, babbling on about Harper and climate change, while doing nothing to contact Ole Jim the Kyodiot Bradley!
If  LaFleche wanted umm... 'scientific' answers about climate change (whatever that means to Grant) then Grant shoulda talked to Ole Jimmy!!
Doesn't Grant have Ole Enviro Jimmy thare on speed dial?! Jimmy gots alls da anssers!
And what, Grant is now also whining that he can't get Environment Canada's 'brainiacs' - such as David Phillips?! - to talk to him?!
How sad: no more Cagey Climatologist stories!! And pity, how for all these years Grant could have called up a Cagey Government Climatologist, just to prove that green bolshevism can solve climate change - yet didn't!
But now sadly happily, Grant can get all indignant about Harper!! Yeh - dats da tiket...
Grant can propagandize about how - Great Gaia!! - 'science seems to be lacking in Ottawa'!! [Gosh, how proud Warren Kinsella must be of this first-class, dare we say, award-winning, BS!] Of course, when Jim Bradley opened his mouth, there was always 'science' pouring out of it; McGuinty's Liberal government was aaaaallllllll about 'science', eh Grant?!!
How many times has Grant actually bothered to ask Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister (and Ontario's leading GreenFear-spreader) Jim Bradley, about Enviro Jimmy's voluminous "evidence" of climate change - which Bradley has kept secret for decades?!
(Wouldn't that be a great story for Lafleche: actually proving that Jim Bradley has held the secret evidence of global warming for all these years? But, no: propagandist LaFlush DID NOT get any climate-change/global-warming evidence from Niagara's oldest GreenFear-pusher Bradley, about anything - because LaFlush's real aim was to discredit and smear Harper!!!)
Yah: Grant can immediately get all his climate-change-doomsday answers validated by the completely unbiased Jim Bradley, aka Ontario's Liberal Godfather of GreenFear!!
All that Grant Lafleche has to do, is to actually ASK LIBERAL JIM BRADLEY to provide the scientific evidence for AGW.
Yet, that was NEVER the goal, was it?!
Grant can also ask Jim Bradley why he is giving Sierra Club cells thousands of tax dollars, too...
Funny how in the past, Grant never reported propagandized about how Liberals Bradley and McGuinty "made political choices based on emotional jingoism"!!
Funny how Grant's pants weren't too tightly knotted when it was Liberal 'spin doctors who filled our heads with fairy tales wrapped in the national flag' - when for years, that was exactly McGuinty's and Bradley's and Lastewka's Standard Liberal Operating Procedure!!
But, this is the kind of GritShit, the kind of typical diversionary propaganda oozing from the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Shoeshiner these days.
Forget about actually asking Liberal Environment Minister Bradley about the environment; spin it all onto Harper!!
Also, forget about asking Niagara's chief health-care-monopoly-pusher Jim Bradley, about 51 hour wait times in Niagara's hospitals!! Or about Jim Bradley's role in Niagara's killer Liberal C. diff outbreak?
And, forget about examining how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's decades-long role as climate-alarmist GreenFear-pusher, led to billion-dollar debts in Ontario, to the Liberal's gas plant fiasco, and then directly to Dalton McGuinty's resignation!
Seeing that Grant LaFleche still propagates his 'award-winning' view (...a patently phony meme...) that the murder of four American officials in Benghazi was somehow linked to a YouTube video, we can't expect Grant to really put Jim Bradley under the microscope!!!
Yep... and also, Al Gore's movie was quite the work of 'science', eh Grant, not science-fiction... oh, and pssst... Argo is all true, too... and, umm... the sequester wasn't Bammer's idea... and...


R.Bobak said...

On Apr.15, 2013, Ontario's Auditor reported that the final estimated tab for the Liberals` political decision to close the one-third-built Mississauga gas-fired-power-plant was 275 million dollars.

There was NO interview in the St.Catharines Standard with local Liberal hack Jim Bradley about this! Wendy Metcalfe's laughable wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard protected their tender BoyBradley from scrutiny - as they have always done!

It doesn`t matter that until Jim McCarter`s report came out, Jim Bradley`s lowballing Liberals lied about the true price of the cancellation - er, pardon - Liberal seat purchase!

It`s funny, isn't it, how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has conveniently just VANISHED from the pages of his local paper, when all this was going on!! Unreal.

R.Bobak said...

Another of these innuendo-laden GreenFear pieces appeared in the St.Catharines Standard, Pg.A14, on May 21, 2015. Written by Stephen Maher, and ominously titled "Prime minister is controlling science message", Maher writes of 15,000 PSAC unionists (federal scientists, engineers, and technicians)demanding the 'right to speak'.
Maher also mentioned how Ottawa Citizen reporter Tom Spears, had to get access to information requests to Environment Canada.

Funny, how for years, Grant LaFleche could not manage to get face time with say, Cagey Climatologist David Phillips, (to 'prove' global warming')until... umm... oh yeah: until Harper stopped him?! Is that what happened - really? Lafleche has not been able to get verification of global warming from Phillips - because of Harper!?
And what about Tom Spears? Who's he? Well,he's the reporter who way back in 1991...
...was telling us all about Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's Malthusian delusions about population control and global warming!
That was in 1991 - and TOM SPEARS DID NOT immediately run to Environment Canada or any other union hack 'scientist' to ACTUALLY corroborate Bradley's GreenFear bullshit.
Lafleche had years to get the actual... um... 'scientific' sources - from some 15,000 federal union hacks, no less - in order to confirm the basis of Jim Bradley's Liberal GreenFear-mongering. But Lafleche didn't.

Tom Spears has had decades - some 24 YEARS - to analyze, corroborate, question, or dispute Jim Bradley's claims - yet, ONLY NOW do these 'journalists' whine about their own 'creepy' spin??
Spears did NOT bother to question Liberal Jim Bradley's climate fear assertions in 1991, when he had the chance to. What 'scientists' have Spears or Lafleche EVER gone to, in order to confirm Jim Bradley's global warming / climate change claims?!?
Jim Bradley went on to parlay his global warming fraud, without a shred of real scientific evidence, and, without any real challenge or press analysis.
I guess because he was a Liberal, was enough proof right there that whatever Jimmy said, was indisputable. NO QUESTIONS were asked.
Reporter Greg Van Moorsel in 2012 also had a chance to question Jim Bradley's GreenFear climatalarmist agenda...
... but somehow just didn't!!!
It's people like Moorsel, Lafleche, Spears and Maher who we can thank for the GreenFear damage which Jim Bradley's Liberals have done to Ontario...
Now, Stephen Maher - in 2015!! - also had the chance to get ALL the 'scientific facts' from Jim Bradley, to publicly reveal for the first time ever, Jim Bradley's EXACT scientific sources underlying Bradley's 'global warming' claims - dating back to 1991!
Maher did not do that.
Lafleche also didn't do that.
THAT is the kind of phony free press which Warren Kinsella relies upon.

R.Bobak said...

More on the 'Canadian scientists are muzzled' meme here, in this nicely biased article by Rebecca Leber:

"...In 2012, Ottawa Citizen’s Tom Spears contacted both NASA and Canada’s National Research Council in 2012 to request information for a story about snowfall. A report from the Environmental Law Center documents how NASA responded within 15 minutes, but it took eleven Canadian federal employees 50 emails to decide whether the journalist’s story would be “positive/informative.” Eventually, the reporter received “approved lines." And earlier this year, federal meteorologists were ordered not to discuss climate change in their coverage of extreme weather. The reason, an Environment Canada spokesman told journalist Mike De Souza in May, is that meteorologists are only experts in “their field of severe weather,” so “climate change or long-term trends would be directed to a climatologist or other applicable authority...”
So, what has stopped Tom Spears or Grant Lafleche from contacting Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist, the cagey David Phillips, to confirm Jim Bradley's and Justin Trudeau's contentions that 'climate change / global warming' is caused by man?!

They didn't bother to ask BEFORE Harper; they're not asking AFTER Harper! Funny, eh?

Where's all that 'scientific' 'man-made climate-change' 'evidence' from Environment Canada, which Lafleche and Spears can now apparently easily obtain by just a simple phone call or email to a government climatologist?!?

You'd think that Lafeche and Spears would have already published all this evidence - when Martin was in power... or when Chretien was in power... or at any time, really, just by getting it from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, who has had the (secret) evidence of man-made climate-change for several DECADES.

You'd think that Lafelche and Spears would have already published all the 'evidence of man made climate change' now that Turdo is PM - - - so: WHAT'S STOPPING THEM??!!!

Is it their OWN selective SELF-muzzlement, the kind we typically see with the "it's all settled; move along now, nothing to discuss here" crowd?!