Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Liberal GreenFear-monger Glen Murray blames climate-change for his own ineptitude

Following Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's moronic assertions, when as Ontario's Transportation Minister,  Bradley blamed climate change for causing rust...

... now we have another disgusting Liberal Transportation Minister (see Keith Leslie's story, Globe and Mail, Feb.26, 2013), this time it's pathetic Glen Murray, once again trotting out the exact same unsubstantiated GreenFear, trying to cover up for his ministry's lack of timely road maintenance. It's the same old Liberal shit, coming out of another Lying Liberal Grit.

Of course, as with Jim "just trust, me" Bradley, Glen Murray can't really point to any... oh, how did Grant LaFleche put it? - oh, yeah: SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of climate change (as GreenFear propaganda, furthering the agenda of redistributive green bolshevism) other than that the climate changes, as does the weather!

Glen Murray and his Liberals have poisoned our government with their green climate hysteria, and Glen Murray's Liberals have pretty much destroyed Ontario's economy with their green bolshevik agenda
Glen Murray can only blame the "climate-change" boogeyman, because Glen Murray and his ilk have been lulled by their own GreenFear propaganda from ACTUALLY BEING PREPARED FOR A CANADIAN WINTER.

That's all.

And how sadly telling is it, that the socialists in the NDP opposition, like Gilles Bisson, simply fail to nail Murray on the real issue, which is Murray's deceptive climate-change excuse!

This is because Horvath and her socialists believe the same climate change doomsday scenarios which Murray's Liberals do!! These clowns drink the same shared green bathwater.

So Bisson, as a good socialist, simply ignores the real issue - Murray's incompetent GreenFear-induced stupor - and instead chooses to attack Murray for 'privatizing' road maintenance, thereby totally missing the point!

It's the usual drone, from the usual cabal of lefties, whining and fear-mongering that the earth is about to burn/freeze/melt/collapse soon soon sssssoooooOOOOOOOOOONNNNN, if we dont have more more MORE taxes, now now NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Glen Murray's Ontario Liberals have spent BILLIONS on costly, ineffective GreenFear-induced energy experiments; yet Ole Green-Worshipping Glenny, just like Ole Jimmy Bradley, can only disingenuously blame "climate-change" for his own utter unpreparedness to take care of Ontario's roads!!

How many trillions will the Jim Bradleys, the Glen Murrays, the Kathleen McGuintys and their green brigade waste, before we see the lunacy inherent in their conceited pursuit to their ultimate goal of climate stasis?!?!

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