Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Niagara press refuses to press Liberal Jim Bradley for response to lousy LHIN report

It's funny how the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker had absolutley no coverage of the Niagara LHIN's pathetic healthcare performance, as was outlined in a Feb.19, 2013 Hamilton Spectator story.

The Spectator story noted that "during the most-recently reported quarter, the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN registered either the second-worst or third-worst performance out of 14 LHINs in each of the three categories".

Isn't it funny that, say, the Standard's Don Fraser wasn't immediately sent out in the rain on his waterskis to interview Niagara's Liberal healthcare-monopoly-pushing-hack, Ole Jim Bradley, for his comments on his Liberal health-care monopoly's abysmal record!

Isn't that what would have happened, had some Conservative been our local MPP?! Sure it would have!!

If it was anyone else but Ole Liberal Jimmy, Wendy Metcalfe's self-appointed laughable wrong-righters would have been falling over themselves to ambush the politician and demand answers!!

But, hey - this is Ole Liberal stalwart MPP Jim Bradley were talkin' 'bout, after all: Niagara's local press is loathe to ask their BestBoyJim anything, especially if it means it might make Ole Buddy Jimmy look bad.

Niagara's pathetic excuse for reporting, known as the St.Catharines Standard, ignored the LHIN report!!

How many days will it take for the Standard to contact their buddy Bradley for answers??! [nothing yet, by Feb.25...!!]

What, are Standard staffers holding marathon midnight meetings, trying desperately to craft and assemble a puffball question or two, sanitized enough so as not to only make Ole Jimmy look good even in these circumstances, but to create the impression that Ole Monopolist Jimmy really has nothing whatsoever to do with this - with any of it!!

So, go to it, Bradley Shoeshiners!! Get your rhetorical can of partisan paste out, and lovingly start rubbing Bradley's boots!!

And remember: just don't tell sicko Michael Moore about any of this, and, don't dare ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for answers about why, as the Spectator reported -

  The HNHB [Hamilton Niagara Haldimand  Brant] LHIN had the second-longest 90th percentile wait time (33.4 hours) for ER patients admitted and the second-longest average wait time (16 hours) in the province. The Mississauga-Halton LHIN had the longest waits in both cases.

or why

At Greater Niagara General Hospital, one in 10 ER patients eventually admitted to a hospital bed waited at least 51 hours in the emergency department

or why

At St. Catharines General, one in 10 high-acuity patients spent at least 10 hours in the ER.

It is for the best that no one from the St.Catharines Standard demand health care accountability and answers from Liberal monopolists such as Jim Bradley! (Just as it was for the best that the disgusting St.Catharines Standard protected their buddy Jim Bradley and did not bother to pursue him, as dozens of Niagara C. diff patients were dying in Bradley's local Liberal health monopoly!!)

Gosh; over a period of what - two decades? - the Standard has never even been able to bring itself to ask Liberal GreenFear-monger and Environment Minister Jim Bradley for his definitive proof that green bolshevism cures AGW!!

The Standard has never bothered to specifically ask Ole Liberal Jim Bradley to publicly detail when exactly Bradley first learned about his cabinet colleague Bartolucci's secret G20 law!

And - now that we have Kathleen "I know nothing... nooooothhhing..." Wynne, the pantsuited McGuinty surrogate, telling us that she was never at any cabinet meeting where McGuinty's clandestine 'Project Vapour' gas-plant/vote-buying scheme was being discussed - the St.Catharines Standard will most certainly not bother to ask Niagara's vapourous ole Jim Bradley whether Ole Jimmy was there at McGuinty's cabinet table for those Bond-villain-esque Project Vapour meetings!

So, why would the Standard's LiberalFriendly reporter/stenographers bother to ask MPP's Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about 51 HOUR WAIT TIMES in their own local Liberal-run local healthcare monopoly?!!!

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