Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ontario Liberal gas-plant cover-up continues

It's amazing, isn't it, to see how the deceptions perpetrated by the McGuinty Liberals, simply continue unabated under the Wynne Liberals.
We might as well call this the Kathleen McGuinty government; it's the same old Grit scumbaggery we've come to expect, different pair of pants.
As Antonella Artuso reported in the St.Catharines Standard's Feb.22, 2013 'Friday night bad news dump', the Kathleen McGuinty Liberals are suddenly shocked - shocked, they tell us... as Bob Chiarelli actually did!! - that yet more OPA gas-plant files have been revealed - this despite the Liberals doing their best to hide from this scandal since last year.
Oh, and yes - these files even had secret code names for them, like Project Vapour, Project Banana, or Project Fruit Salad, which show us the depth to which Ontario's disgusting Liberals [...codename: scumbags...] went to, in their attempts to hide and cover up their gas-plant vote-buying scam.
It's as if Dalton was playing some Bond villain, with his secrets and code names and political manipulations.
We have just gone back to where this all ended - when Dalton resigned and prorogued the House at Queen's Park - and are starting all over again!
Dalton, let's not forget, tried to blame all this on a 'toxic opposition' which was asking Dalton too many questions! Dalton, accustomed to eight years as a majority dictator, didn't feel he had to oblige the taxpayers of Ontario with answers on how his Ontario Liberal Party used tax dollars to buy themselves an election.
Dalton's lying Liberals kept telling us that there were no more files; lo and behold, more files kept popping up. McGuinty was so deep into his web of deceit, he resigned.
So now, four months after McGuinty's slimebag move to close down the house (to buy his disgusting Liberals some time to get their stories straight) we have yet more revelations and more files emerging - this every time just after the Liberals finish telling us 'ok, that's it, that's all of them, honest...'!
As MPP Vic Fedeli said "Now we know that there were documents that were covered up."
Well, we now know why Dalton the liar quit, as well.
We're back to where we were in October 2012.
The Liberals, try as McGuinty did, should not be able to get away from the contempt hearings.
Of course, Kathleen McGuinty has already stated that she will not call a public inquiry, giving us her facile excuse that 'it would cost too much'!!
Are ya kidding us, premier Kathleen McGuinty?!
Is that the reason your cowardly Liberals are hiding from an inquiry - that it would 'cost too much' to find out exactly how many millions of dollars your Liberal Party's vote-buying scheme cost Ontario's taxpayers?!?! oh, come on now, Katie!!
You just smugly and arbitrarily decided that 'we don't need no stinkin' 'vestigations'?!?!
How convenient!
This is exactly why the Liberals need to be turfed, and soon.
This Liberal stink will not go away; the Kathleen McGuinty Liberals are the very same Dalton Wynne Liberals from the year before - nothing's changed: it's the exact same flailing hydra, the same crew, same faces, same sins.
We all should remember how St.Catharines GreenFear-spreader MPP Liberal Jim Bradley smugly agreed with Dalton last year, parroting the Liberal lie that the house was 'toxic', shamelessly blaming the opposition for pestering Jimmy's poor ole lyin' Libs with all kinds of silly questions about some kinda gas-plant scandal...!!!
Remember that?
Now, Ole Jim Bradley's talkin' all kumbaya about now that Kathleen McGuinty is the new Gritmeister, that Jimmy has great hopes that the opposition will now work with the Grits!!
Yes, sure, Jimmy: you think we should all just forget that your Liberals bought an election with tax dollars, through your Liberal Party's gas-plant vote-buying scheme?!
The opposition should just, ah... forget about that, Jim?
And, should we also just forget that the gas-plants (which led to Dalton's downfall) had been approved by the Liberals in the first place, because of the incessant GreenFear climate-change-doom spread for years by none other than Ole Jim Bradley himself??!, yah, sure... forget that too!
Just do as the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker usually does: don't ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley too many questions.


R.Bobak said...

On Apr.15, 2013, Ontario's Auditor reported that the final estimated tab for the Liberals' political decision to close the one-third-built Mississauga gas-fired-power-plant was 275 million dollars.

There was NO interview in the St.Catharines Standard with local Liberal hack Jim Bradley about this! Wendy Metcalfe's laughable wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard protected their tender BoyBradley from scrutiny - as they have always done!

It doesn't matter that until Jim McCarter's report came out, Jim Bradley's lowballing Liberals lied about the true price of the cancellation - er, pardon - Liberal seat purchase!

It's funny, isn't it, how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has conveniently just VANISHED from the pages of his local paper, when all this was going on!! Unreal.

R.Bobak said...

On Jun.6, 2013, it was revealed in Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian's report, that senior McGuinty staff members had deleted emails involving their secretive Project Vapour gas-plant vote-buying scheme.
On Jun.7, 2013, the Ontario Provincial Police announced that now they would be investigating this.
Yet, there was no mention whatsoever about this in the Jun.7 St.Catharines Standard.
Also, there was NO mention whatsoever about Jim Bradley, the St.Catharines Liberal MPP who is Ontario's GreenFear-mongering energy minister.
Where were all the Standard reporters, when it came to finding out what Jim Bradley knew about his Liberal gas-plant/vote-buying scandal?! They had over a year to gather stories examining their Buddy Green Jim.
Amazing, eh: so now, Good ole Jimmy conveniently (just-like-clockwork) JUST VANISHES from scrutiny AGAIN!!
Liberal MPP Jim Bradley magically just disappears from the pages of the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlicker!!
There were NO questions asking GreenFear-pusher Jimmy Bradley about his latest Liberal email deletion scandal!!
The disgusting protection of disgusting Liberal MPP Jim Bradley by Niagara's disgustingly sycophant press, inexplicably continues, as it always has.