Wednesday, October 12, 2011

36 C.difficile patients now killed in Liberal-controlled Niagara health-monopoly; no response from Jim Bradley

Ahh... it wass grrrrreat to see Dalton McGuinty's Environment Minister David Suzuki - again - spewing his GreenFear-mongering (unchallenged!) in the Oct.11, 2011 St.Catharines Standard! Classic climatalarmist greenshevist crap from Canada's premier climate-doom propaganda-peddler!
Funny that no Metcalfian wrongs were being righted here - or were they?! hahahaha
Funny how - over, say... the last decade (!!) - the St.Catharines Standard has not been able to show readers the evidence of AGW!! hahaha
Funny, how - during, say... the last decade (!!!) - the St.Catharines Standard has not bothered to demand that their buddy, Liberal Kyodiot MPP Jim Bradley, provide his still-secret-AGW "evidence"!!! hahahaha
Way to go, St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlick!! Wahoooo! Way to go, keeping up the same-old-same old, Wendy Metcalfe... keep on laundering Jim Bradley's Liberal underwear!
Funny, how in the Oct.12, 2011 Standard Bradley Bootlick, reporter Grant Lafleche mysteriously (hahahahaDIDN'T BOTHER TO MENTION local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley when writing that the patient death-toll in Niagara's C. difficile outbreak has now reached 36; 27 of whom were killed in Bradley's own city of St.Catharines.
Apparently, Bradley's horrific re-election in St.Catharines (where, btw, 60% of the votes were NOT for Jimmy!!!) cleanses Jimmy from all responsibility and culpability for these C. diff deaths. An entire election passed by while the St.Catharines Bradley Bootlick scrupulously avoided asking their buddy Bradley (...who was also McGuinty's Safety Minister!) any serious questions about the performance and safety of his Liberal health care monopoly!!
The Standard Bradley Bootlick carefully makes sure:
 a) not to mention their idol Jim Bradley in any story remotely connected to the C. diff horror in Niagara's Liberal-controlled health monopoly (...if we don't ask Jimmy 'bout it, why would there be a 'response?'!)
 b) to mention that there were 'other underlying health issues' with the killed patients - which is code for 'what's our boy Jimmy's Liberal health-care monopoly got to with it?'!!
Lafleche dutifully made sure to mention that this 36th C. diff victim "also had several serious medical problems"; what the Bradley Bootlick didn't mention was whether this C. difficile patient (or the previous 35 victims) also suffered any serious political problems, directly attributable to Jim Bradley's and Dalton McGuinty's monopolist health-care negligence.

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