Saturday, October 22, 2011

Niagara press protects Liberals from healthcare scrutiny

Nice "editorial" in the St.Catharines Jim Bradley Buttlicking Standard on Oct.21, 2011 ("Hospital workers need clearer orders") by Corey Laroque, about the Doreen Wallace incident in Kim Craitor's Liberal Healthcare Kingdom in Niagara Falls - and not one word from Laroque about or from the local Liberals who control the NHS, and have done so for the last eight years!
It's as if know the drill: if Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor have nothing to do with their own failing Liberal health care monopolism!! And apparently, Wendy Metcalfe's wrong-righters at the Standard Bradley Brown-noser intend to keep it that way!!
The Niagara press can't bring themselves to question the local Liberal politicians in charge of Ontario's health monopoly: remember, the press lauded Craitor - Niagara's Liberal Gomer Pyle - as some kind of health care maverick/genius... yet, we just saw another incident of incompetent CraitorCare TM in the NHS - and miraculously, no Liberal has anything to do with it !

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