Thursday, October 20, 2011

No time for honest talk about McGuinty's Liberal health-care incompetence

Sally F. Zerker, professor emeritus and senior scholar, York University, Toronto, wrote in "Time for honest talk about health care"  (National Post, Oct.12, 2011):

"Re: What McGuinty Has Meant For Ontario, John Tory, Oct. 7.
During the recent election campaign in Ontario, I waited to hear our politicians discuss the financial crisis that is brewing as a consequence of health-care costs. Not one politician risked telling us the truth - that our universal health-care system, as currently practised, is bankrupting us.
Right now, 46¢ of every dollar of revenue goes to health care. And every year, spending on health care in Ontario increases more than revenues, such that if current trends were to continue, health care would eat up 80% of total program spending by 2030.
Yet instead of exposing this dire reality, we were enticed with offers of yet more lavish health-care services, which politicians must know we cannot afford, but which they nevertheless pretended was feasible, all in order to win the election.
Sooner, rather than later, one of only two possible outcomes will have to be chosen: deep cuts in healthcare services and/or private expenditures on medical services. It's past time for an open and honest talk on these choices."

The 'time for honest talk' will - kind of , briefly, in a token way - return... about four years from now (in 2015, during the next Ontario election!) after McGuinty's monopolist Liberals will have had butchered Ontario's health care beyond belief for twelve continuous years; and even then, there will not be any 'honest talk' about monopolist health care - as there had not been in 2003, 2007, or just recently in 2011.

Here are some of the Jim Bradley Boosters, seen in an Oct.1, 2011 St.Catharines Standard ad, who can be thanked for supporting this kind of  head-in-the-sand  Liberalism:

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