Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shhhh... do not disturb Liberal Jim Bradley...

Can readers of the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlick expect Wendy Metcalfe's Wrong-Righters to ask local Liberal MPP - and now Ontario environment minister - Jim Bradley about this?
Will the Bradley Buttlick demand answers from Bradley about whether his Liberals' promise to stop the Mississauga power plant was just another Liberal lie?

Will Metcalfe's Bradley Buttlick ask Jim Bradley to reveal the cancellation costs to taxpayers resulting from the stoppage of the Oakville power plant in Oct.2010 and  (now, possibly, possibly not...?!) the Mississauga plant in 2011?

Brad Duguid stood up in the House at Queen's Park during question period, at the time the Liberals were cancelling the Oakville plant, and stated that Ontario DID NOT need any more power!!!
Will the Standard Bradley Buttlick confirm from Jim Bradley that Duguid was correct, that Ontario doesn't need any more power?!

As the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star wrote:
"After insisting for several years that the plant was necessary because of plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2014, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government said the picture has changed.
“When the need for this plant was first identified four years ago, there were higher demand projections for electricity in the area,” said a statement from Duguid’s office.
“Since then, changes in demand and supply…have made it clear this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required.”
The Star also reported:“Not only will the plant not be built in the GTA, it won't be built anywhere in Ontario,” said Duguid.

Note carefully that Duguid was quoted in the Star saying the power from the proposed Oakville plant was "no longer required" and, that the plant "won't be built anywhere in Ontario"!! Was Duguid just outright lying?!

Duguid's statement essentially rules out ANY future power plants in Ontario - seeing as that electricity is transmitted cross-provice as well as cross-border!!  Oakville's or Mississauga's electrical power doesn't start and stop within the confines of the city!! Or was he talking only of gas plants, but not about expensive wind and solar farms? If we do have enough power - as Duguid claimed - then why are those expensive wind/solar farms still being built?!

Note also, that at the time Duguid was saying this - Oct.2010 - the (later cancelled!) Mississauga plant was STILL on the go!! So, did Duguid's statements about the suddenly-cancelled Oakville plant include or NOT include the power contributions which the still-on-track-at-the-time Mississauga plant would provide?

If the Oakville plant's power contribution was suddenly "no longer required" in 2010 (...btw, has the Bradley Buttlick bothered to ask Jim Bradley why McGuinty's energy projections were supposedly so out of whack - in only four years!!?...) why wasn't the Mississauga plant cancelled at the same time? Was the power from both plants "no longer required",  from the beginning?!

If Ontario 'doesn't need the power' - then why was the Mississauga project allowed to continue until (conveniently for Liberal MPP Charles Sousa) just before the Oct. 2011 election??!
Was the Mississauga plant's power 'needed' (until Oct.2011!), yet, somehow, Oakville's wasn't??!!

Why wasn't Mississauga stopped earlier - at the time Oakville was - if  Duguid and his Liberals knew that Ontario did 'NOT need the power'?!
(While the Oakville plant was cancelled before its actual construction began (but after significant hard costs had already been incurred by Trans-Canada, the contractor), the Mississauga plant was already under construction when cancelled by the Liberals - right in the middle of the Oct.2011 provincial election!)

Were any 'wrongs' 'righted' here?!

Doesn't Good Ole Kyodiot Jim Bradley have anything to do with these costly Liberal energy deceptions?!

Let's pretend, as the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Buttlick does, that Jimmy doesn't!
Funny, isn't it, that the Bradleyites at the St.Catharines Standard Liberal Shoeshiner haven't yet asked their environment minister/footsie-buddy Liberal Jim Bradley about this Nov.2, 2011 Toronto Star story, either!!!

Way to go, you Metcalfian Right-Wronging hypocrites!!

Does Liberal Jim Bradley support the relocation of the Sousa-butt-saving Mississauga gas-powered electricity plant - especially seeing that Liberal Brad Duguid was lying to Ontarians before the last election that the gas plants WEREN'T needed??!!

You can rest assured that NO-ONE from the St.Catharines Standard will dare ask their dear friend'n'buddy Good Ole Jim Bradley about any of this!! I mean: what's Ole Jimmer gots ta do wid any o' dis stuff... right?! Hah ha ha ha !

As of Nov.3, 2011, neither the St.Catharines Standard - nor any other Niagara newspaper, media outlet, or even blogger - has yet bothered to ask Liberal GreenFear-monger, and now McGuinty's Environment Minister, Jim Bradley, to reveal his AGW global warming evidence!! Several reporters (Doug Draper, Peter Conradi) have, though, giddily told us how that Great Hallowed Waste Of A Carbon Footprint David Suzuki has (apparently) lauded and drooled over Jim Bradley -  as if that somehow answers the questions of Bradley's still-secret 'scientific evidence' for AGW, which Jimmy must have already known over twenty years ago... but... umm... kept secret, 'cuz no-one has ever asked him about!!!


Seeing that Suzuki blessed Bradley, and therefore Saint James Bradley has been now deified by GreenFear's best, the mutual admiration society must think that Suzuki's fawning legitimizes Bradley's greenshevism, and that we no longer need to ask Jimmy about his global warming fearmongering (...not that anyone bothered to ask before...)!

That Suzuki gave Bradley a big green thumbs up means that Jim Bradley doesn't have to publicly reveal his "scientific evidence" for AGW, because... after all... it's, ummm... all together now.... "all settled" y'see, so... no questions about man-made climate-change need to be answered!! It's a given!!Ya just gotta trust Ole Jimmy!!

It's perfect: Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley is simply allowed to continue his climate change GreenFear-mongering, without anyone ever asking him for his AGW proof.

And, in Apr. 2012, just after Jim Bradley's favourite GreenFear holiday - D earth Day -it was reported that Ontario's Liberal gov't. was stung with a $300 million lawsuit  over the closure of the Mississauga gas power plant.

We will wait for the St.Catharines Standard to never ask their Ole Buddy Jimmer Jim James J. J .Bradley anything about that!!

We will wait for the Standard's Metcalfian Wrong Righters to never ask Good Ole Jimmy, how 300 million might have been better spent on... oh... let's say... perhaps Grimsby's Liberal-cancelled hospital?!

See the Star's May 31, 2012 follow up story here. Looks like saving Sousa's Liberal butt is already pegged to have cost at least 82 million dollars - all paid for by Ontario's taxpayers to keep McGuinty's incompetent Liberals in power.

...oh... by the way: where is that St.Catharines Standard in-depth story... that in-depth analysis... that in-depth interview, by the self-proclaimed Wrong-Righting St.Catharines Standard, with Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley, regarding Bradley's Liberal energy fiascos??!! Still waiting!!
See the Star's Jul.13, 2012 follow-up story here.


R.Bobak said...

Here are some comments (from the Toronto Star, Jul.15, 2012) regarding the most recent revelations that the cost of Saving Sousa's Liberal Butt was being pegged at some 180 million dollars; and, also, that a replacement gas plant was announced by the Liberals, supposedly to be built in Sarnia!!!

And remember: this is after Liberal Brad Duguid had told (lied to) Ontarians that we DIDN'T NEED ANY MORE POWER!!!!!!


Re: Liberal campaign killed gas plant, July 12

Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley's claim that post-election “all three parties were going to be in exactly the same position,” i.e. having to close the Mississauga South partially-built power plant, is classic dissembling. Only if the Tories (or NDP) had started the construction, over high-decibel local objections, would they too have had to shut it down.

And, if it is true that closure was announced “by the Liberal party” without Dalton McGuinty's approval, then that in itself is a damning condemnation of the premier for ducking his responsibilities.

Warren Adamson, Mississauga

Re: $180-million Liberal seat-saver, Editorial, July 12

It is encouraging that the Star has chosen to excoriate Dalton McGuinty over the decision to cancel the gas-fired generating plant near Sherway Gardens as a $180-million seat saver. However, the figure of $180 million quoted by Chris Bentley to cancel it is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The genesis of the problem was the decision to destroy the Lakeview coal-fired generating plant instead of converting it to gas. Follow-on actions include started-then-cancelled gas-fired plants in Oakville and Mississauga. Consider as well that at Lakeview, the land, building and connection to the grid were already there. Lakeview was also located in the GTA. Nanticoke could have been a gas conversion candidate for similar reasons.

So if we consider the cost of two cancelled plants, the wastage of the valuable assets at Lakeview, and the inevitable future reinforcement of transmission capacity between Sarnia and the GTA to support the gas-fired plant at Lambton, the figure of $180 million is only a fraction of what has been wasted. Dalton McGuinty should be ashamed of himself.

John Fryer, Niagara-on the-Lake

As the Liberals cancelled the building of this plant to retain three seats in the legislature, it should be labelled a campaign expense and come out of the Liberal war chest, not out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Robert Fuller, Port Rowan

I find it repugnant that the Ontario Liberal government tossed away $180 million on a cancelled power plant in order to win some votes, while at the same time it is pilfering $340 million from Ontario physicians by cutting back on doctor services.

Dr. Jerome Edelstein, Toronto

What's equally repugnant is how Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Right-Wronger has miraculously (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) not been able to find and interview Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, about any of this Liberal waste!

After all, Ole Jimmy is just McGuinty's Environment Minister!!! What's Jimmy got to do with this - with any of this - eh?!! heh heh!

The local Niagara Liberal butt-kissing merrily rolls along - no questions asked!

R.Bobak said...

By Mar.13, 2013, witnesses were being called to the gas-plant cancellation inquiry.

The National Post reported:
"The cost of cancelling two gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga is closer to $828 million, more than three times what the governing Liberals insist taxpayers will bear, an energy expert said Wednesday.

The cost of the Oakville plant — which was cancelled in 2010 — is about $638 million, not $40 million as the Liberals have said, Bruce Sharp told a legislative committee that’s looking into the gas plant cancellations.

The mechanical engineer, who says he’s spent 25 years in the energy sector, said relocating the plant will cost $40 million, but there are extra costs, said Sharp, who works for Aegent Energy Advisors."

Yet in Niagara, the repugnant St.Catharines Standard, in their Mar.14 and Mar 15 edition, had NOTHING at all about this story, and had absolutely NO mention of interviewing GreenFear-spreader Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about it, either!

This is the Standard Liberal buttkissing way of Wendy Metcalfe's self-anointed Wrong-Righters, always protecting ole Jimmy from scrutiny!