Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Liberal Jim Bradley gets away during this election campaign without once having to explain his role in Niagara's C. difficile deaths

Kudos to the St.Catharines BradleyBooster, aka St.Catharines Standard, for another outstandingly biased editorial ("Community has a role to play in beating C. diff", on Oct.5, 2011, a day before Ontario's provincial election) ostensibly about health care in Niagara, which completely avoids mentioning whether the bait-and-switch health-care lies of local Liberal hack Jim Bradley had any bearing upon the murderous mess which occurred in Niagara this summer in Ontario's state-controlled hospitals.
The NHS was a crime scene; the crime: Liberal single-payer-pushing health-care monopolism, causing death.
Editorialist Monique Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention Dalton McGuinty's secretive, laughable, unaccountable, unverifiable, falsely-reassuring Liberal promises made in 2008 (after some 500 known C. difficile deaths in Liberal Ontario) which should have been derived from the recommendations of an open, public inquiry, not from the lying Liberal yap of McGuinty.
The deceptive narrative of dumping the blame on the NHS (instead of on the political monopolists who controlled not just the NHS, but every other Ontario state-run hospital) conveniently worked for years for the champions of the Liberal status-quo, of which the BradleyBooster is a big, um, booster of...
Notice how Beech just plumb forgot (!) to mention Jim Bradley's Liberal cabinet's role in raising new health-care taxes, de-listing coverage, and creating the Liberal-puppet LHIN's, which imposed health-care cuts on the NHS; and which created the HIP.
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention how Jim Bradley and his Liberals hid from having a public inquiry into the hundreds of Ontario C. difficile deaths in 2008; somehow, Beech and the BradleyBooster can't link the secretiveness and false 2008 C. diff promises from Bradley's Liberals, to a repeat ocurrence in Niagara in 2011's summer of death.
After all, it was just another 35 people killed off in Niagara.
No biggie.
Jim Bradley and his Liberal monopolist politics had nothin' to do with any of this!
And, nobody should be asking Jim Bradley for any explanations, either - especially the Metcalfian wrong-righters at the BradleyBooster!
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention that since 2003, Jim Bradley and his Liberals refused to call for any Ombudsman or Supervisory investigation/control at the NHS. This was eventually done only at the last possible minute, after dozens of patients were killed,  just before the election!!
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention that Jim Bradley DID NOTHING  after the 2007 CIHI revelation that St.Catharines had the third-highest patient-death rate in Canada. No investigations on that!!
Beech just plain forgot (!) to mention that during the Niagara C. diff outbreak, Jim Bradley conveniently vanished from the scene - and from her own paper.
Beech 'overlooked' all this, yet still managed to cobble together some inane "editorial" whose conclusion was not that we must stop Jim Bradley's Liberal health-care havoc, but that we must work with hockey coaches to stop C. difficile...

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