Tuesday, September 27, 2011

McGuinty kisses Suzuki's ass

Watching the Ontario election debate on CTV this evening, it was hilariously pathetic to see Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar Dalton McGuinty piouly refer to David Suzuki - the GreenFear-spreading  global-warming climatalarmist - not once, but twice, as being some kind of authority giving blessing to McGuinty's failing Liberal green bolshevism. Guess Dolton's looking to lose now; Ontario shouldn't have anything to do with Suzukiism; we don't need Suzuki's disastrous greenshevist bullshit, and Dalton has dropped down to the level of a dolt by even giving mention to this fearmonger's name.
 Funny how Liberal McGuinty magnanimously told us all how he got a great deal from PM Paul Martin in 2004 with the federal health sharing agreement. Odd, though, how Ontario's Lying Liberal McGuinty then just plain forgot to mention that the very same Paul Martin - as Liberal finance minister in the Cretin administration - was the one who CUT health transfer payments to Ontario in the mid-nineties!
Fergot ta mention that, eh, Doltie?!!
And shitbag McGuinty also forgot to mention how convenient this federal Liberal ploy was for him as a smug Harris-basher in Ontario's Liberal provincial opposition!
And, golly gee: after telling us in this debate how hard he worked to get this 2004 deal from Martin, Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar McGuinty conveniently forgot to mention that  - despite those federal funds - McGuinty nevertheless  introduced a NEW health-care tax AND cut previous heath-care coverage - that same year, in 2004!!!!
And nobody in the debate called slimeball McGuinty on this!
Horwath should stop pretending that she wouldn't be / or the government somehow is "writing blank cheques" when it comes to tax cuts: this shows the perversity of socialism and of the socialists' mindset, whose default position is that taxes are theirs TO BEGIN WITH.
To the pinko crowd, what's yours is theirs; but what's theirs is never yours.
The NDP is not entitled to someone else's money; the act of lowering a tax is not "writing a blank cheque", as if it was/had been your money all along!!
Oh, and I didn't hear Horwath say a damn thing about shutting down the useless LHIN's.
And, finally, nobody asked scumbag McGuinty whether his anti-patient-choice health-care monopolism should be held as criminally, negligently responsible for the 35-death C. difficile outbreak in Niagara this summer.
This medicare-monopoly-pushing scumbag McGuinty should be in jail for what his Liberals did in Niagara.

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R.Bobak said...

On Mar. 20, 2016, the CBC showed another love-in with Peter Mansbridge 'interviewing' (spreading climate-change propaganda on the heels of the greenies' Holy Earth Day) Greenfear climatalarmist Suzuki.