Friday, September 2, 2011

Craitor and Bradley's Liberals continue their health-care cuts

Dr. Mark Wagner Salem wrote in "McGuinty has mismanaged our treasured health-care system" (Stratford Beacon Herald, Aug.31, 2011):

"This letter is being submitted as a result of reading Ian MacDonald's Aug. 19 column entitled Fundamental Signs Point to Hudak Win (Aug. 19).
As ordinary citizens we need to exercise extreme caution when considering whether or not to trust Dalton McGuinty with four more years of Ontario health care. According to the Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) the McGuinty government plans to limit health-care spending increases to 3% per year for the next five years, which is less than half of the 6.5% average that has occurred over the past 15 years. A noble goal, but one that, according to the CBOC, lacks a clear strategic plan to achieve it.
Aside from this absence of a clearly articulated agenda, which in itself raises fears of a lack of preparedness, my trepidation is further fuelled by the $1 billion wasted in the eHealth debacle, an event that becomes even more annoying, coming on the heels of the $650 million already lost on the previous administrative disaster known as the Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) that was initiated in 2003 (Dalton's first year as premier) and abandoned in 2008. As it turns out, Deloitte & Touche LLP cited the same deficiency in the SSHA as the CBOC does with the current health-care budget, namely the lack of strategic direction. This begs the question of whether or not Mr. McGuinty is learning from the mistakes of the past or if we are simply doomed to see them repeated. Frankly, the thought of actually letting him continue to preside over $47 billion in health-care spending is at best worrisome.
Dalton McGuinty has had plenty of time to prove himself. Giving him a third mandate would also give him another opportunity to mismanage our treasured health-care system and our province. I believe we have too much to lose."
Yes: you read that correctly: McGuinty's Liberals ARE CUTTING HEALTH-CARE SPENDING.

Go ahead: read that again if you need to, take your time... absorb it; remember that an election is underway, and that we should learn from our past mistakes and not allow McGuinty's Lying Liberals another shot at running Ontario into the ground.

Go ahead: ask Liberal health-care monopolists Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley about their health-care cutting... all you'll get from these disgusting Grit gasholes are deceptive diversions about "harris"!

The spending-increase cuts which Wagner points to in 2011, are directly linked back to the cuts which Liberal Greg Sorbara announced on May 18, 2004, when he had introduced McGuinty's hated Health Tax. Sorbara vowed that McGuinty's Liberals were going to STOP Harris' high health care spending [yes... once again: you read that correctly...] which Sorbara HIMSELF said was running at an 8% increase annually!! Sorbara planned to stop that, and  to cut health care funding - which in Niagara led to George Smitherman forcing his cost-cutting HIP onto the NHS.

Go ahead: ask Jimmy'N'Kimmy about that!!

We see now that the Liberals were cutting health care from the moment they were elected - and we see that the Liberals out and out lied - and still lie - by blaming Harris.

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