Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do we need Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?

What a joke to read Grant Lafleche's (Sept.14, 2011) St.Catharines Standard article "Do we need the LHIN's", where Lafleche purposefully avoids telling readers why monopoly-health-care-pusher Liberal MPP Jim Bradley wasn't mentioned in this article.
Where was Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response to Mehra's and Guyatt's specific claims and observations, defending his Liberal-created LHINs?
Doesn't Ole Jimmy have anything to do with this? Isn't it actually Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - and not the LHIN - who is "ultimately responsible" (as Lafleche claims) for  health care funding in Niagara??! What disingenuous spin!! The LHIN's don't have a single penny which isn't first given to them by their Liberal bosses!!
Did Ms.Western speak to Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?
Did Lafleche ask whether Ms. Western asked Bradley why his Liberals refused to call a public inquiry in 2008 [when HUNDREDS of Ontarians were killed by C. diff in McGuinty's health-care prisons] which would have helped prevent some of the subsequent C. diff deaths in Niagara several years later? After all, McGuinty's lying Liberals told us that there was no need for any C. difficile investigations, because the Liberals knew all that there was to know about the spread of the disease, so, Ontarians didn't need to worry about it!
Has anyone asked Liberal MPP Jim Bradley why, then, 34 more C. diff patients died in Niagara, if his Liberal-underfunded Niagara hospitals were supposedly safe?
Lafleche digs up Mehra, Guyatt, and Leon, but can't find Bradley - or Craitor?!
Lafleche even managed to conveniently "overlook" that McGuinty's lying Liberals originally promised a scheduled province wide LHIN review at the time Smitherman first created them; but then summarily cancelled the review!!
Lafleche doesn't even bother to tell readers that Gord Guyatt's an NDP-eer. No bias there.
Lafleche makes sure to tell us how Mehra and Guyatt 'can't endorse the view proposed by the Conservatives' to close the LHINs - yet Lafleche conveniently doesn't ask these two whether they can endorse the proposal of the NDP... to do the same thing!!

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