Thursday, September 8, 2011

Examining Jim Bradley's GreenFear paradigm

When Peter Foster writes (in "Lost in paradigm space" , National Post, Sept.8, 2011) of the redistributative Megastate which holds a deluded conceit that somehow 'climate control is possible through economic policy', that well-describes the world-view of global warming fearmongers such as Niagara's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley.
Bradley is one of those statist-pushing Liberal greensheviks who believes in AGW, even though he has never bothered to publicly reveal what possible scientific evidence he has - or ever had! - to substantiate his skewed political deceptions. Cuz he said it, it's true: that's Bradley's paradigm. What's worse, is that the press in Bradley's own city has never bothered to ask Jim Bradley to substantiate his global warming BS!!
There was a great related piece of David Suzuki GreenFear stinking up the editorial page of the Sept.6, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, replete with more climate-change/ mass-extinction  fearmongering -including the usual Suzukiite crap about "re-evaluating our economic systems to reduce the pressures of consumerism"... which - of course - requires "stabilizing and reducing global population"!! Bam: there's your Global GreenFear trifecta - from the fearmongerer who couldn't keep his winkie in his pants to help save the planet from overpopulation!! (...and there was another 'unethical' pantload of smelly Suzuki stink in the St.Catharines Standard's Oct.11, 2011 edition.)
Of course, Jim Bradley also believes  in this same climate paranoia, the same overpopulation fears, the same belief that just a bit more despotic State Socialism will cure all, including solar activity.

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