Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The NHS should be considered a crime scene

The St.Catharines Standard in "Candidates tackle health care at debate" Sept.21, 2011, noted Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response to the question of  'demanding accountability for the Niagara C. diff outbreak':

"...More than 75 people turned out for the event, but there was little interaction between the audience and candidates, as questions from the floor had to be submitted in writing. There was also no confrontation among the candidates, who were strictly held to two-minute answer periods.
Moderator Marg Newby read a question from the audience asking candidates if they would demand accountability for the C. diff outbreak that has claimed 34 lives in the region, specifically in relation to hospital cleaning.
Liberal incumbent Jim Bradley said the outbreak is complex and issues including cleaning and the use of antibiotics need to be investigated to determine what can be done to prevent future occurrences.
"The cleaning of our hospitals and other institutions is an important component that I think needs to be improved upon," he said..."

The pure bullsh!t which emanated from Liberal Jim Bradley's mouth was spectacularly disingenuous, true political kabuki theatre.

This is coming from the SAME Liberal who REFUSED to call for a public inquiry in 2008, after over 500 C. difficile-infected Ontarians were killed  in McGuinty's Liberal monopoly!!

Ontario's Premier Liberal liar McGuinty told us in 2008 that his Liberal health monopoly wouldn't learn anything new about the spread of C. diff which they didn't already know, therefore, no public
inquiry was needed!

That was in 2008! And that was a Liberal health-care cover up.

Now that 34 more C. diff infected patients have needlessly died this summer just in Niagara, suddenly that flicking Liberal scumbag MPP Jim Bradley babbles on about 'complex issues' and 'cleaning' and 'investigations' and 'antibiotics' and 'preventing future outbreaks' - AS IF THIS EXACT SAME SCENARIO HAD NEVER PRESENTED ITSELF PREVIOUSLY; AS IF JIM BRADLEY AND HIS LIBERALS HAD NEVER HID FROM  C. DIFF INVESTIGATION BEFORE; AS IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THESE LIBERALS HAD EVER HEARD OF C. DIFF!!

The utter gall of this Liberal ass is unbelievable - golly gosh yowzers gee: Ole Liberal Jimmy's gonna find us some answers t'all this!! yesiree... trust Ole Liberal Jimmy ta git yer answers!!

Liberal Jim Bradley did sweet-FLICK-all after the 2007 CIHI report found that the NHS's St.Catharines hospital had the third-highest patient-mortality rate in Canada. No Liberal - neither Jim Bradley nor Kim Craitor - ever offered an explanation,  or bothered to call for any investigation into that!! (...maybe the Standard's cross-eyed editor Wendy Metcalfe can send hard-hitting-reporter Grant Lafleche to look into that.... yeh...)

Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor said nothing when hundreds of C. diff patients, trapped in the Liberals' negligent health monopoly, were dying in 2008.

Yet scumbag MPP Jim Bradley  - who (until today!) had said nothing whatsoever about the Niagara C. diff outbreak - is suddenly decanting his sage wisdom about, um... 'improvements' ????!!?

What bullsh!t !!

Are these the same 'improvements' which Jim and his Liberals negligently REFUSED TO CONSIDER in 2008, by refusing to hold a public inquiry which would have answered the very questions which scumbag Liberal Jimmmy is now sagaciously presenting to us, three years and 34 dead patients later??!

Who is accountable for the deaths of all these patients???
Jim Bradley's Liberals ALREADY HAD the chance to get at all these 'answers' - THREE YEARS AGO!!! Instead, they HID from scrutiny!!

Jim Bradley and his Liberal cabinet of no-patient-choice health-care monopolists are the ones who ought to be under criminal investigation.

The Niagara Health System should be declared a crime scene; there was a mass-murder/politically-orchestrated health-care homicide perpetrated in Niagara, with the McGuinty Liberal government's health care monopolist ideology being the prime suspect.

This is more than what an investigation by supervisor Kevin Smith, or ombudsman Andre Marin, might entail; and more than a local police or OPP matter; perhaps only the RCMP, or even a specialized investigative unit from outside of Canada, should be brought in to examine every aspect of the NHS's operation since the days of Liberals Smitherman and Sorbara. Every directive and political policy initiative which was forced upon the NHS and its staff since 2004 by the Liberal MOH and their Niagara LHIN puppet should be examined, with an eye to determining what far-reaching repercussions such directions had in terms of the killer 2011 C. diff outbreak.

At the heart of this discussion about "health-care accountability" (which the Standard's vaunted 'cross-eyed wrong-righters' never seem to talk about) is that whatever these directives and their consequences were, they were all made under the mantle of a political Liberal monopolist ideology: the same politicians doing the cuts, the same persons who decided what was 'good enough' for the monopoly which they ran, also despotically ensured that Ontario's patients had no choice but to go to their local Liberal-health-monopoly-franchise and hope for the best.

These innocent patients were caught in a deadly Liberal bait-and-switch monopolist health-care scam.

A criminal investigation into the monopolist McGuinty Liberal's criminal culpability in the Niagara C. difficile deaths might be the only way to find out the truth.

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