Monday, September 5, 2011

Ontario's Liberal Public Safety Minister Jim Bradley fear-mongers about extremists, while local press asks no questions

It's really neat to see how St.Catharines radio station CKTB 610 on Sept.5 used a photo of the Ontario Liberal Party's campaign in their thumbnail web summary to accompany this story.
Is Jim Bradley's Liberal campaign paying CKTB for this advertising?
Or is it just friendly nudge-nudge-wink-wink free political advertising?!

When reporter Stephanie Sabourin wrote...

..."Details of the platform were leaked Sunday, which Tory MPPs say shows even some Liberals don't want another four years of Dalton McGuinty.
St. Catharines MPP and Minister of Correctional Services Jim Bradley says that's not the case, with a lot of Conservatives apprehensive about the extreme right wing elements that have taken over the party.
He says if there is any party with divisions, the Conservatives should be looking in the mirror".

...why didn't Sabourin then ask windbag Bradley to SPECIFICALLY explain and NAME these persons whom Bradley is alleging are 'right wing extremists'?

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley happens to be Ontario's friggin' LIBERAL Public Safety Minister.

Here was a senior McGuinty cabinet minister making these vile, unsubstantiated remarks - and yet, instead of immediately demanding answers and explanations from Bradley, the home-town kiss-assy press just acted as Liberal stenographers!!

Sabourin wrote half a story, the radio station then helpfully slapped a Liberal ad onto this "story", and Jimmy Bradley's campaign of sleaze and innuendo was off and running - no questions asked!!

Wow: CKTB can't do any better than this?? What a load of crap.

And, seeing that Bradley has now managed to crawl out of his Cone of Silence, where were Sabourin's pointed questions asking secretive Jim Bradley about the 33 C. difficile patients killed this summer in Bradley's Liberal health care monopoly?
Bradley has not said a word about this horror since it began some four months ago!!
Niagara's Liberal-lovin' press carefully made sure that Bradley was protected from scrutiny.

Did someone censor reporter Sabourin, preventing her from actually interviewing Bradley? Or is this just how JimmyFriendly politics works in Niagara? yep

Jim Bradley should take his own advice:
if Bradley needs to find out why his Liberal health-care monopoly is killing patients; if he needs to know why ombudsman Andre Marin noted that the Liberal's secret G20 law led to "a massive violation of civil rights - in fact, the largest in modern Canadian history", then all Jim Bradley needs to do is look in the mirror.

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