Friday, September 2, 2011

Deb Matthews: it's not about the 'confidence in the NHS' as you claim; it's about what YOUR Liberals have done to the NHS

The St.Catharines Standard's Jeff Bolichowsky wrote a Sept.2, 2011 piece, stating that "Ontario is the only province where an ombudsman does not have a mandate to oversee hospitals".

However, this intrepid Standard reporter, naturally, DID NOT bother to ask the local Liberal MPP in his own city, Jim Bradley, why this might be! Was reporter Bolichowsky warned by his editors not to mention or involve Liberal Jim Bradley in any possibly-embarrassing policy questions?!

Wow: after all the secrecy and lies and patient-deaths surrounding McGuinty's Liberal healthcare monopoly, is it any wonder that McGuinty's Liberals DID NOT want the ombudsman nosing around their health monopoly?

Deb Matthews is hypocritical beyond belief when she crows piously that she's "sad when I see people playing politics with something as important as health care"! What a dump-load of crap that is, spewed by the Liberals for whom health-care [specifically, ideologically-motivated monopolist health-care] IS NOTHING BUT POLITICAL!!

Come on, Deb -  your Liberal contrition is so phony, you should be embarrassed.This is NOT about the 'confidence in the hospital', as Deb Matthews claims, and wants us to believe: IT'S ABOUT WHAT HER MONOPOLIST LIBERALS HAVE DONE TO THE NHS !!

What glib, deceptive Grit greaseballs these McGuintyites are! This is from the same sanctimonious Liberals who created the LHIN's, and who forced the NHS to create the cost-cutting Niagara HIP!!

These are the same Liberals who under scummy Smitherman  ran away and hid from having any public inquiry into their last killer C. difficile outbreak in 2008!!

Why didn't reporter Bolichowsly ask Niagara's local Liberal hacks Bradley and Kim Craitor why - after eight years of Liberal majority rule - the ombudsman STILL doesn't have access to hospitals?!!

How many Ontario patients would have been spared death in McGuinty's health-care horror hospitals if the ombudsman had been allowed independent access to scrutinize what McGuinty's monopolists were doing?

Waazzat, you say: but Deb Matthews did allow the ombudsman into the NHS!! She is gloriously transparent!!

Sorry: this last-minute pre-election Supervisor/ombudsman game we see unfolding in Niagara was a planned one-off affair; this is in no way the same as the ombudsman having full investigatory access to any Ontario hospital, anytime, without Liberal-government-pre-approval.

McGuinty's secretive Liberals refuse to allow that kind of independent scrutiny of their failing ideological single-payer health monopoly.

Bolichowsky also failed to mention that it's not just activities within the hospitals which McGuinty, Bradley, and Craitor want to keep the lid on, but the ENTIRE 'MUSH' SECTOR (Municipalities, Universities, School boards, Hospitals) is a no-go zone for ombudsman scrutiny; McGuinty's secretive Liberals have ensured that Ontario has the most limited ombudsman access to these sectors in all of Canada.

But why would the self-appointed wrong-righters at theSt.Catharines Standard bother to ask their pride'n'joy JimmyBoy about such trivial matters?!

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