Thursday, June 30, 2011

The St.Catharines Standard protects Jim Bradley from health-care criticism: month-long C. diff outbreak in Niagara, yet no word from Bradley

It's amazing how the St.Catharines Standard deftly manages to write about the C. difficile outbreak in Niagara, without once mentioning or providing any comments from local Liberal health-care monopoly-pushing-despot Jim Bradley.
...hmm... it's as if Ole Jimmy thar's gots nuttin' ta do wid any'o' dis, ya see...!
Nothing about Jim Bradley and the C. diff outbreak from the usual old hacks Lafleche, Downs, Fraser or the newbie Bolichowsky - yet the outbreak has been going on for over a month! (Love that Lafleche story where doctors are now being blamed for the outbreak!!!)  hahahaha - no mention, though, of  Kim Craitor's and  Bradley's Liberal LHIN's role in all this... hahahahah. PATHETIC...
Yet, amazingly, Bradley keeps popping up in staged photo-ops all over the place, giving money away here, there and everywhere (it's election time, y'see), yet, no St. Catharines Standard reporter or commentator has bothered to interview Good Ole Jimmy about the c. diff outbreak in Jimmy's health-monopoly, in Jimmy's own Niagara backyard!!
Bravo, St. Catharines Lower Standard - BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on fondling Jim Bradley's delicate politicals.
It's incredible, too, how Anne Kranics (in her Jun.29, 2011 Niagara This Week letter) swoons over Liberal MPP Kim Craitor... apparently Bradley Syndrome isn't an isolated case; the disease is spreading... why, Craitor isn't the problem... he can't be... he's not even a Liberal (!!!?) WTF??
(see also here)
The Liberals - Craitor's Liberals! - refused to place the NHS under Supervisory control years ago: it was Kim Craitor's Liberals who decided to continue their secretive, monopolist ways and hide from allowing the Ombudsman (by way of a Supervisor's appointment) to thereby gain access to investigate the NHS.
The Liberals DID NOT WANT the Ombudsman to stick his flashlight into what McGuinty's monopolists were doing at and to the NHS. Where was Jim Diodati then?
Jim Diodati's Liberal friends have been hiding their monopolist health-care incompetency for years - since that disgusting minister Smitherman's tenure.
Smitherman demanded cuts, and forced the LHIN to force the NHS to start cutting.
I don't ever recall Liberal Diodati questioning Liberal Smitherman's motives or methods!
Yeah - the Liberal-friendly media narrative now is that Diodati is some kind of  'long-time critic of the NHS' -  but has Diodati ever been a long time critic of monopolist Liberal health-care ideology;
or of the Liberal-created LHIN's;
or of the Liberal's eight-year's-worth of health-care-secrecy, duplicity and cuts ?!?!
How convenient now to have sanctimonious  Liberals pretending they're suddenly going to solve 'the problem' - when the problem is THEIR OWN idiotic, secretive, despotic Liberalism!!
Diodati - when not spreading climate-change fear - was more than happy to become a McGuinty Liberal. Craitor is a proud Liberal - still !!!
You can't trust any Liberal to solve the MESS in the NHS, because the Liberals CREATED the mess in the NHS.
The secrecy at the NHS is all orchestrated from the LHIN, from the Ministry of Health, and from the Liberal-majority government of Ontario.
McGuinty's Liberal cabinet should be held liable in the deaths of these Niagara C. diff patients, people who had no other choice but to go to the Liberal-monopoly-run health-care outlet, and take their chances of getting out alive.
Any "investigation" of the NHS which doesn't subpoena the LHIN's and Dalton McGuinty's cabinet and examine the Liberal's ideological health-care monopolism, is bound to be a phony sham. [...Go ahead: please put former NHS chief Sevenpifer on the stand to testify and publicly reveal  exactly who ordered  and  approved the HIP plan which the NHS was forced to implement... as if the Liberals want to hear the answer to that ..!]
So, before an election, isn't this 'sham investigation' exactly what Diodati wants - a disingenuous one-sided attack on the NHS, but with NO CORRESPONDING SCRUTINY whatsoever of McGuinty's brutally ideological Liberal single-payer health-care despotism? An "investigation" that's meant to show how-oh-concerned the Liberals are - without actually examining the Liberal's OWN culpability in the Mess in the NHS!!?
What could that have anything to do with it?!!
You will NOT see any Niagara reporter questioning the role which McGuinty's Liberal monopolist ideology played in this C. diff outbreak. Gulldarnit, dat's politics, not health..!
The Liberal's concept of the single-payer health-care monopoly will not be scrutinized nor linked in any way to these patient deaths; the narrative will follow the Craitor/Diodati-sanctimony of blame the NHS, followed by let's have more of the same failed old Liberalism - a deluded catch-22 of negligent ignorance.
Why, our sainted hero Jim Bradley is personally building us a new hospital, bless him, the angel... as if the same monopolist problems won't appear there, as well..!, vote again for Jimmy'n'Kimmy folks: you got what you asked for.

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