Thursday, June 2, 2011

McGuinty Liberals prorogue Ontario's parliament

It's amazing that when Harper prorogued Parliament, he was vilified as a democracy-thwarting despot.
Yet when Dalton McGuinty prorogues early at Queen's Park, no-one cares.
Maybe Lyin' Dalton doesn't want to answer any more questions about the massive civil rights violations which his Liberals caused with their secret G20 law last year. (Hopefully, this was McGuinty's last day in the house as premier)
Maybe secretive Liberal Corrections Minister Jim Bradley doesn't want to answer MPP Bill Murdoch's repeated requests for Bradley to reveal the costing report for the jail closures which Bradley is about to implement.
Funny that the St.Catharines Standard hasn't bothered to ask their Good Buddy Bradley about any of this stuff!!!!
(...and, not surprisingly, during the next several days after McGuinty's Jun.1, 2011 prorogation, the St.Catharines Standard had nothing at all written about it! But the Standard miraculously hee hee hee did manage to find their Good Ole Buddy Jimmy to pose him for a propaganda photo-op with mayor Brian McFullofit, dumping gas-tax money into the city bus garage! As usual, no difficult questions were asked of Jim Bradley. It was all smiles and Liberal ass-kissing.)


R.Bobak said...

McGuinty did it AGAIN, on Oct.15, 2012: prorogued the legislature in Ontario, to stall and buy his Liberals more time to make up more fibs regarding their gas-plant-cancellation/vote-buying contempt hearings.
But at least, finally and thankfully, dirtbag Dalton also resigned as Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar.
Good riddance.

R.Bobak said...

The press is all now giddy 'bout how Ontario might have a female premier, due to Dalton the Liar leaving, and it seems that Sandra Pupatello has become the media's favourite Grit pet. Ontarians might remember Poopie as the do-nothing McGuinty Liberal minister who beat it to China when Niagara's Cangro closed, leaving Good Ole global-warming fear-monger Jim Bradley to also do nothing about it!
You may also remember a month ago how the possibly-new Ontario Premier Poopie drooled over Liberal Jim Bradley in the Standard, letting everyone know much she idolized Ole Greenshevik Jimmy.
Man... this Liberal vomit sounds just as if it was coming from a bizzaro-Dalton who just has a bit more hair. Poopie's fawning infatuation with Jim Bradley tells Ontarians all we need to know about the Liberal crap that will soon spew forth from Ontario's party of proroguers.