Sunday, June 19, 2011

Patients die while McGuinty's thug MPP Jim Bradley hides

The C. difficile patient death-count increases in Niagara, while local St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley disappears. Since the outbreak began three weeks ago, the local St.Catharines Standard newspaper has NOT ONCE managed to ask their favourite Liberal any questions whatsoever about the C. diff outbreak right in Bradley's own city. Nothing!!!
This alone is reason enough to once again vote for Jim Bradley.
Can't wait for Doug Herod's paean to Bradley - it's gonna be good, real good, like Jim Bradley is a hero among gods type o' thing... yesireeee
Oh yeah, by the way: Vote for Jim Bradley, folks, and vote often!
Fuggedabout those dead-patients-in-the-Liberal-health-monopoly thing!!
Feh - by election time, Niagara's rubes will be so inundated by the Standard's pro-Jim Bradley propaganda [...or maybe it'll be Andrew Gill cheerleading, if Jimmy quits...] that no one will even remember any of this.
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