Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secretive Jim Bradley's indirect Liberal tax-increases

The St.Catharines Standard can't bring itself to examine what the costs of Jim Bradley's Liberal policies will be to those little towns somewhere out there in the country, so far away that neither Jimmy nor his Standard buddies could give two craps about. We're sorry, folks of Walkerton, about what that Liberal scumbag MPP Jim Bradley is doing to your jails.
Well - not all of us are sorry - y'see, there are a lot of ignorant Liberal Jim Bradley voters in St.Catharines - and they also couldn't give a rat's ass as to the damage Jimmy's causing. They think Jimmy and Dalton McGuinty are just swell!
As long as the St.Catharines Standard keeps refusing to seriously examine their friend Jimmy's policies, the ignorant sheeple of St.Catharines simply think all is well, and like robots, will keep voting this Liberal douche back in.
Some of us are truly sorry that Jim Bradley is our MPP, and we apologize.

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