Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kyoto-pushing Liberal MPPJim Bradley misses his big chance to finally reveal the "scientific" basis for McGuinty's Green Disaster

The St.Catharines Standard allowed climate GreenFear spreader David Suzuki to take a shit on their pages, printing Suzuki's crapola column, "There's a new kind of Nimby: Nature in my backyard" (Jun.11, 2011). Thankfully, there are antidotes for Suzuki's tiresome rhetoric, such as these columns...

Terence Corcoran's "Greens 'lost' as growth prevails" (National Post, May 6, 2011)

Tom Harris' "No climate Debate. Alarmists refuse to take on skeptical geologists" (National Post, June 8, 2011)

... which the "climate-change is all settled" greensheviks at the St.Catharines Standard wouldn't dare print.
If they did, people in St.Catharines might start asking "Hey, so why didn't Liberal MPP Jim Bradley attend that joint annual GAC-MAC 2011 conference which Harris wrote about?"
Bradley could have attended as a senior member of McGuinty's Liberal Ontario government - as well as a senior member of the Liberal's Kyodiot GreenFear brigade.
Jim Bradley - Ontario's leading smug Kyoto pusher and climate-change / global-warming fear-monger, could have used the forum to publicly reveal his specific scientific reasons for agitating for Kyoto.
Y'see, Good Ole Jimmy has never publicly revealed which specific scientific evidence he relied upon to embark upon his career of political climate-change despotism!!
Jim Bradley has never revealed the specific scientific studies which influenced him and McGuinty's Liberals to instigate their statist climate deceptions in Ontario.
No one from the St.Catharines Standard has ever asked their buddy Jim Bradley about that, either!!
Why, somehow, we were all supposed to have just believed the Liberal climate-fear rhetoric through osmosis; we were simply just told to believe that there is no climate debate to be had; that it was "all settled".
Suzuki doesn't write about all the green bolshevik Nimby's who said "NO" to any debate about the scientific veracity of  their CO2  -AGW pseudo-science!
We were all fear-mongered by liars such as Al Gore and his various ass-licks, including Liberals such as Jim Bradley, and his media sycophants.
The St.Catharines Standard even developed a biased GreenFear propaganda dep't. to keep the doomsday greenshevik propaganda flowing.
Shamefully, to this day, the Standard has not yet bothered  to ask their local MPP Jim Bradley to explain the specific scientific basis which influenced him to support the disastrous green public policy we see in Ontario today.
"What's that?" says an alarmed St.Catharines Standard... "Asking Jim about stuff?? Not in our backyard, we won't..."

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