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Why isn't Deb Matthews investigating her own Liberal-created LHIN's?!?

The St.Catharines Standard reported on June 1, 2011 that Liberal health minister Deb Matthews now wants a review of the NHS's HIP plan!!

This is the same flip-flopping health minister who's been saying all along (as did former Liberal health minister David Caplan before her) that her Liberal government was satisfied with the HIP plan, and was not going to review it!!

Suddenly, with an election looming, it's time for McGuinty's Lying Liberals to pretend that they are oh-so-proactive regarding health-care; to portray the illusion that they will be studiously looking into all these problems - as if these same Liberal scumbags had nothing to do with creating the problem in the first place!!! (see here)

At least Peter Downs bothered to clearly state in his St.Catharines Standard report that "the NHS undertook its Hospital Improvement Plan [HIP] two years ago on the orders of the LHIN to cut its ballooning operating deficits..." lest Liberal MPP Kim Craitor get a little hazy on the history of who actually caused this problem in the first place: his own Liberal-created LHIN!!!! (see here)

Yep: this stink goes all the way back to Craitor moaning about the NHS (after the NHS in St.Catharines had the honour of being named by CIHI in 2007 as having the third-highest patient death-rate in Canada; see here)

Craitor's Liberals, shamefully, didn't bother to actually investigate why St.Catharines had this high patient death-rate!  McGuinty and Jim Bradley said nothing whatsoever about that (see here) - and to this day, June 2011, not one Liberal has bothered explaining to St.Catharines residents why their local health monopoly had this high-death rate. (see here)
{Note: as of  May 2018 - with another Ontario provincial election about to begin - the St. Catharines Standard had NEVER BOTHERED to ask Jim Bradley about the deaths in his Liberal health care system, in HIS OWN CITY. The Standard has kissed, protected and coddled Jim Bradley's Liberal ass for decades, and let him get away with figurative murder.}

George Smitherman, McGuinty's Liberal health minister at the time, then rewarded Craitor's demands for a 'review of the NHS' by forcing his newly-created Liberal LHIN to cut the deficits at the NHS!!
Please, take a while to read and  actually understand what happened!!(...and there was NO MENTION  at all from McGuinty's secretive Liberals about the high patient-death rate in St.Catharines!! The high-NHS-patient-death-rate issue was COMPLETELY swept under the proverbial table.
{The local fake-news rag, the St. Catharines Standard, made it their business to deflect from the issue and to distance ANY Liberal from what had happened under the Liberals' watch. They STILL do that.}

So the Liberal-created, Liberal-appointed, Liberal-funded LHIN did what its Liberal political masters told them to do: the LHIN ordered the NHS to create the HIP and to begin cutting; see here.
Liberal MPP Kim Craitor apparently has a hard time understanding this chain of command, and the timeline! (see here)

Kimmy would like to think that Debbie Sevenpifer came up with this HIP scheme; see here. Craitor seems to think - and wants others to believe - a fable that the NHS did this all on their own!!
Craitor has never asked for a review of the LHIN !!
It is crucial to carefully note and remember Craitor's craven, politically-motivated, self-serving response' to recall the gist, the nuance, of his deflective response: Craitor is fixated on a review of the NHS (because it was created years ago under Harris) and NOT a review of the LHIN (which was created by Craitor and his Liberals. That was the disgusting narrative pursued by the Liberals and by their media enablers) (see here; see here)

The reason is purely political: Craitor wants to blame Harris for creating the NHS. Craitor needs to deflect from the fact that it was his Liberal-created LHIN which ordered the NHS to create these HIP cuts. (see here)

The NHS's LHIN-enforced creation of the HIP had nothing whatsoever to do with Harris: Craitor can get down on his hands and knees and thank George Smitherman for that. The LHIN took their orders from the Liberal health minister.

Also, let's not forget this other critically important fact: not only did the LHIN force the NHS to create the HIP, it was the same LHIN which subsequently APPROVED the HIP before allowing the NHS to implement it!! Funny how the local media don't bother to focus on that! The local media's narrative is mostly a Liberal echo-chamber, obediently following the Liberal lead to blame the NHS, and to ignore/deflect any examination of the LHIN's direct role in creating this HIP mess.

(By the way: where is the mandated review of the LHIN's which was supposed to have been done, as was promised by Smitherman and his lying Ontario Liberals?!?! This is another bald-faced Liberal lie and deception - and nobody is bothering to ask Jim Bradley or Deb Matthews about that!!! see here)

Note that Craitor - along with the now suddenly oh-so-concerned Deb Matthews - are NOT focusing on the LHIN - the LHIN which they created, and which was the original source of the problem, and which did lead directly back to McGuinty's cabinet and to McGuinty's health minister Smitherman! See here)

The Liberals do not want to investigate the LHIN's culpability - just the NHS's... (see here) ...even though a cornered Dalton McGuinty, in order to shift responsibility from his Liberal cabinet, did blame the Niagara LHIN back on Jan.27, 2010!! That's right: a slick McGuinty pretended that he knew nothing about the two hospital emergency room closures in Niagara, and diverted the blame onto the LHIN - as if the LHIN (all on its own) had come up with this cost-cutting scheme to force the NHS to create the HIP!!  Uneffinbelievable!!

Seeing that McGuinty himself  has openly blamed the LHIN for Niagara's ER closings - then why are Kim Craitor and Deb Matthews ignoring the LHIN, and instead focusing on the NHS ?!?!?!?!?!

The LHIN was dancing to health-care-monopolist Smitherman's tune back then, when it ordered the NHS to create the HIP. This was an order from McGuinty's Liberal government, after all; and the NHS had to comply with what the LHIN ordered them to do: see here.

And now, we're seeing the same thing - the LHIN is doing what it has been told by its Liberal puppet-masters: suddenly the LHIN has "agreed to a recommendation from Ontario health minister Deb Matthews to order a third-party review of the NHS hospital overhaul"!

The LHIN is again doing what the Liberals tell it to do, just as the LHIN was following Liberal political orders to force the NHS into creating and implementing their HIP. (see here)

Craitor can now stop pretending that his Liberal government had nothing to do with creating the HIP in the first place.

Craitor and Deb Matthews should be investigating the culpability of the persons who are giving the LHIN's their orders: specifically, their own Liberal cabinet!!.

Maybe McGuinty's secretive Liberals can also explain to the public why Ontario's ombudsman is not investigating the LHIN's!!!!

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