Saturday, March 19, 2011

Craitor: just another Liberal hypocrite

George Lepp in his above letter (Mar.17, 2011, Niagara This Week) reveals Liberal hack Kim Craitor for the duplicitous hypocrite which he is.
In fact, it is Liberal MPP Craitor and his Liberal McGuintyites who have 'crossed the line' with their health care cuts, tax-increases, and lies.
Liberal monopolists such as Kim Craitor and Liberal MPP Jim Bradley ARE the problem.
Remember, Craitor just finished telling us what a  FLICKING great job  Gledhill and her LHIN have done!  Craitor wasn't "upset" about that!!! Funny, eh?!
So, when Lepp mentions how duplicitous Craitor 'called for an investigation into the LHIN', that is hard to believe on the face of it: Craitor PRETENDED that he wanted a LHIN review, but only in the context of being able to slam Harris (via the NHS)!
Y'all got that?
Not clear yet? Then see how Craitor was spinning this in Ray Spiteri's report here from last year, where Craitor says "Unfortunately, here in my riding the LHIN has been tarnished by what's transpired over at the Niagara Health System".
So there it is: this is all it's ever been for Craitor: to slam the NHS, but never slam the Liberal created LHIN; to spin it that the NHS "tarnished" the poor ole LHIN, as if the LHIN had nothing to do with overseeing the NHS!
Forget the fact that the NHS takes its marching orders directly from the McGuinty-government-appointed, directed, and funded LHIN!  Conveniently, Craitor just... umm... seems to NOT UNDERSTAND this connection! Or, more plausible, this Liberal weasel is desperately trying to hide this chain of command. Craitor wants to take our attention away from the failed McGuinty-Smitherman  LHIN disaster, by blaming the NHS - which [repeat!!] gets its orders FROM THE LIBERAL-CONTROLLED LHIN !
Y'all now get how Craitor is spinning this circle of deception?!
Craitor's political mission is to cover up for his Liberal-created LHIN by attacking the NHS.
Craitor will NOT call for any independent investigation into his Liberal-created LHIN, because that would put into question the McGuinty Liberals' entire single-payer health-monopoly. The Grits DO NOT WANT that.
So, despite what Lepp wrote, Craitor did not call for any "investigation" into the LHIN; as seen in Spiteri's report, there was NO call for any kind of independent investigation - at best, it was just a petulant jab at McGuinty's  slick decision to ...umm... POSTPONE his own REVIEW (not "investigation") of the LHIN.
[Don't forget: that was another Liberal lie coming from McGuinty - promise a LHIN review, and then just slough it off and forget about it - and, no-one's asked about it since!]
Craitor hasn't made a peep about any LHIN "investigation" since - for him, it's all about blaming the NHS.
It was all a charade.
The LHIN did a GOOD JOB Kimmy now sez - what with all the cuttin' and closin' goin' on!
As far as Kimmy sees it, Harris  - not McGuinty - did all this!!!! [...and Lepp says Kimmy's "out of touch" !!!!... man - what a drool understatement!...]
For Kimmy, the NHS, one fine day, decided to make all these cuts and restructurings, all on their own!! Yep... and the LHIN was doin' such a fine job, that they, umm... ahh... only found out about all this years later!!
Yep: Kimmy wants us to believe that the LHIN had nothin' to do with anything that happened at the NHS!! hahahaha!
Yep, as far as Kimmy's concerned, George Smitherman and McGuinty's Liberal cabinet had nothing at all to do with any of this!!!!
Somehow, the NHS... uhhh... "underfunded" themselves!!! Yessirre!
Liberal monopolist politics  had nothin' to do with it!!
As far as Craitor's concerned, someone else - the NHS... Harris... someone - did all this, not the Liberals, not the Liberal-run LHIN!
Why, next thing ya know, Craitor will be pretending that he's not even a Liberal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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